Puru Mama to take revenge from Goenka’s: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Puru Mama gets exposed and arrested in Yeh Rishata Kya Kehlata Hai.

Star Plus Yeh Rishata Kya Kehlata Hai to witness some high voltage drama with Kaira exposing Purshottam.

As reported earlier during Masquerade Party,  Kaira will plan to expose Purshottam but he will fail their plan and turns the table in his favor.

Now ahead in the story Kartik and Naira will take Mansi and Anmol help to trap Purshottam and fortunately the four of them will be succeeded in exposing him amid the Gayatri’s wedding. Kartik and Naira reveal Puru’s truth to everyone and shame him in the middle of Gayatri and Samarth’s wedding. However, their triumph is short-lived as Puru takes a final revenge on the Goenka family.

Puru in the upcoming episodes will threaten Goenka’s that he will take revenge from them. Other side Goenkas will experience a loss in their business. The investors will get to know about their loss they will pull off their investment from the company. Naira and Kartik will try to handle the situation but they couldn’t make it. While on the other side Manish won’t be able to handle the situation and will suffer a major heart attack in the show. Now it will be interesting to watch how Kaira handles this situation.

But before that after Puru Mama will be exposed Ila to praise Naira for showing boldness and bringing out the truth in front of all. Ila will also tell her that girl like Naira is needed to raise the voice against such deeds and no girl should bear it silently. Kartik too will praise Naira and he will also give an award to her for her boldness. The duo will share some light moments.

Next, Purushottam revenge drama will bring more twists in the show.

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