Pushpa Impossible: Ashwin finally gets to see Dharam’s face?

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Sab Tv popular show Pushpa currently focuses on Dileep’s comeback as Dharam Raidhan in Pushpa’s life.

Previously we have seen that, Pushpa learnt about Chirag’s lack of attendance from Prarthana and visted his college. Chirag visited Dharam’s hospital and Manoj told whatever happened. Chirag thought he was not his father but Manoj told that there are various factors that could change a person’s fingerprint.

Bapodhara announced to chawl people about the redevelopment plan cancela nd everyo e protested against him and his greediness. Pushpa lashed out at Chirag for bunking classes and Kaku made peace between them.

Chirag was confused whether to say about Dharam to family. Sunny and his mother planned to meet an old common friend of Bapodhara’s family to find the past. Dharam’s band aid was removed and Ashwin and Chirag came there to get Mansi’s signature in a document.

Chirag got to see his face ang gets shocked but Ashwin didn’t. after they leave Doctor gave advise to Amnsi. Deepti noticed Pushpa’s weird behavior and asked about it. Pushpa shared her worry with her.

In the future episodes we will witness, Ashwin will finally see Dharam’s face and will get extremely shocked. DCP will call Pushpa with her as they doubt a guy to be her husband Dileep Patel. Pushpa will be shocked to hear it.

Will Bapodhara identifies Dileep Patel? Will redevelopment takes place? Will Pushpa learn that Dileep is Dharam?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
Stay tuned for more updates.