Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 22nd November 2023 Written Update: Manorama puts forth a condition to Shakti

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 22nd November 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with all the family members questioning Shakti. Mandira acts as if she doesn’t know anything. Mandira reminds Shiv what she said to him and says she was speaking about Shiv and Shakti but he misunderstood that she is talking about Keertan and Rimjim. The Kashyap family understands it was just a big confusion. Mandira says to everyone that she will call Manorama and clear the confusion saying they came to talk about Shiv and Shakti’s marriage not about Keertan and Rimjim’s marriage.


Shiv says to Mandira that there is only friendship between Shiv and Shakti and there is nothing more than that. Shiv says he will not marry Shakti. Shiv says if anyone is going to be married right now it’s going to be Keertan and Rimjim’s marriage. Shiv asks Mandira if she didn’t know about Keertan and Rimjim’s love. Mandira says she doesn’t know. Mandira says she cannot take Keertan’s marriage proposal to Sharma Sadan even if she knew as he is elder and he first needs to get married. Shiv says he will never marry Shakti as it will be like punishing Shakti if he marries her. Kashyap family tries to convince Shiv to marry Shakti but Shiv reminds his family of his past and says he can’t punish Shakti like that. Shiv leaves from there.

Mandira acts as if she is crying and asks why does this happen everytime with their family. Bhagwati will feel sad as Shiv and Shakti couldn’t get married.

Rimjim callls Keertan again and again but he doesn’t attend her call. Shakti says to Rimjim that Keertan will not attend her call as he only wants to take revenge on them. Manorama asks Shakti why would they do that. Mandira and Keertan only think about taking revenge on their family. Rimjim asks Shakti to give too much importance to herself. Manorama sees Rimjim and Shakti arguing infront of each other. Manorama asks them to shut up and asks Rimjim and Shakti to go to their room. Manorama says to Kishore that she can’t see her family being seperated like this.

Keertan says to Mandira that they can take revenge on Shakti if he marries her. Keertan says he will go and say to Sharma family that he doesn’t like Rimjim but he likes Shakti. Mandira reminds Keertan that at that house he was rejected for Shakti not the other way around and says if he wants Shakti it will be only possible after Shiv leaves her.

Shakti doesn’t understand what she has to do. Manorama comforts Shakti and says all of their family problems started from when they got into contact with Kashyap family. Shakti asks Manorama what’s wrong with Kashyap family. Manorama reminds Shakti what happened till now. Shakti gets a call from Dr Shiv. Manorama takes the phone and cuts the call. Shakti asks Manorama why did she do this. Manorama says from today onwards nobody of their family is going to be in contact with Kashyap family. Shakti tries to tell Manorama that Shiv is different but Manorama stays firm on her decision. Manorama asks Shakti to forget about Shiv. Shiv thinks he has to talk to Shakti to clear the confusion. Rimjim comes to Kashyap Sadan. Koyal sees Rimjim.

Episode ends.

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