Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 29th March 2024 Written Update: Mandira finds out Shiv’s hiding spot.

Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti 29th March 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mandira saying to Shakti that by saving Shiv, she is becoming part of the murder. Shakti says she doesn’t care what other people say about her. Mandira says she will not be able to save Shiv. Shakti asks Mandira to first think about herself. Shakti says she knows Mandira is behind Gowri’s death and she suspects Mandira is behind Gayatri’s death. Shakti says she will find out the truth and make sure she is finished. Shakti leaves from there.

Mandira tries to call Keertan but Keertan doesn’t attend her call.

Manorama says she can’t wait anymore and says she wants to go to Kashyap Sadan and asks Kishore to come with her. Manorama and Kishore are about to leave but Shakti calls Manorama and informs her about Gayatri’s death. Manorama gets shocked hearing this. Manorama asks Shakti what happened. Shakti says to Manorama what happened. Manorama gets shocked after hearing about what happened. Shakti says Mandira has killed Gayatri. Shakti later says now Gayatri’s murder is on Shiv. Shakti says she hid Shiv. Manorama asks Shakti where is Shiv. Shakti says Shiv is with her and she has to figure out a way to bring Shiv there. Manorama agrees and asks Shiv to bring him here. Manorama says to Shakti that she made a promise to Gayatri that she will take care of her if something happens to her. Shakti later cuts the call.

The inspector calls for all of the Kashyap family outside. The inspector ask Kashyap family who cut the wires of the CCTV footage inside. Kamalnath says he doesn’t know. Shakti also says he doesn’t know.

It is shown Shakti is the one who cut the wire of the CCTV footage.

Shakti notices that there is blood on the car number plate and she sneakily wipes it away. The inspector says Shiv might be hiding inside the house. The inspector says he has to search the house. Mandira says she will show him all the rooms. Shiv thinks about his mother.

The inspector asks Shakti what is she doing near the car. Shakti says she is feeling dizzy so she is taking support of the car.

Mandira and the cops go inside the house. It is shown Shakti brings Shiv out of the house and hides him in the car trunk.

Shakti asks Shiv to wait for a while and says soon she will get him out. Shakti says to Shiv the importance of a mother and says they have to move forward in their life thinking about her.

Manorama and Kishore blacken all of their house windows. Manorama asks Dharam to bring the things that she asked for. Dharam agrees and leaves from there.

Rimjim comes and asks Shakti what is she doing here. Shakti says she is crying as Gayatri is dead and everyone is calling her husband a murderer. Rimjim hearing this leaves from there.

The cops don’t find Shiv in the Kashyap Sadan. The cops leave the house.

Bhagwati asks Nandu to do something to save Shiv. Nandu asks Bhagwati not to worry and says Shakti will save Shiv.

Rimjim comes to Mandira and says to Mandira that Shakti is standing near the car and Shakti said that she is crying near the car alone. Mandira recalls what happened and understands Shakti hid Shiv in the car trunk.

Mandira comes to Shakti and praises her. Mandira says no matter how much she tries to hide, she cannot hide Shiv from her. Mandira hits the car trunk.

Episode ends.

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