Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 17th January 2023 Written Update: Women welfare organization ladies insults Damini

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 17th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Women welfare organization ladies tells Radha that they are with her in this war. Tulsi’s spirit tells Radha that the latter even beat Kaveri in acting today. Women welfare organization ladies says that they have to teach a lesson to Damini. Damini tells them that Radha is lying. Radha claims that Damini is lying. She plays the recording of her and Damini’s conversation. Then she plays the recording of her Kadambari’s conversation. Kadambari scolds Radha for recording their conversations. Damini tells her that everything was Radha’s trap.

Kadambari says that she never thought she will see Radha’s this face. She asks Radha that why the latter has changed suddenly. Tulsi’s spirit tells her that she is with Radha. She says that she lost everything due to Damini and Kaveri and she won’t let Radha lose anything. Radha thinks that she is doing all this for this family. She tells Kadambari that she did not change but asking her rights. She says that Damini snatched her husband from her. Mohan thinks that he never thought Radha will turn out like this.

Women welfare organization ladies decides to blacken Damini’s face and they beat Damini up. Mohan tries to save Damini. But Police inspector stops him saying that it’s ladies matter. Mohan asks her to stop them. Women welfare organizations ladies blackens Damini’s face which shocks everyone. Mohan scolds them. They tells him that he is real culprit and they should blacken his face too. Radha stops them and tells them that Mohan is her husband and she can’t let them insult him.

Radha says that Damini is responsible for everything and if Damini left the house then everything will be fine. Kaveri cleans Damini’s face and she curses women welfare organization ladies. Mohan asks Police inspector to arrest women welfare organization ladies. Police inspector tells him that she has to arrest Trivedi family and Damini. She claims that she can see Radha is victim and Trivedi family members are betrayers. Ajeet tells her that Mohan is innocent and he is not understanding why Radha is lying. Vishwanath tells Police inspector that Mohan respects women and Radha is lying.

Kadambari tells Police inspector that Radha love Mohan so she is doing all this to stop the marriage. Radha asks her to not ruin her life just because Damini is her sister’s daughter. Kadambari asks her to stop acting. Women welfare organization ladies decides to beat Kadambari too. Mohan warns them. Radha tells them that Kadambari is like her mother and Kaveri is real culprit. Women welfare organization lady slaps Kaveri. Mohan asks them that what they wants. They tells him that he should not marry Damini. Police inspector says that Radha has proof to prove her claims. Ketki tells her that Radha is lying and the latter can ask Dadi and Rameshwar. Dadi tells Police inspector that Radha is lying.

Episode ends.