Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th January 2023 Written Update: Nandini gets shocked by Priya’s surprise for Ram!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram and Priya doing the wedding rituals. Priya looks for Swati. Pandit ji starts gatbandhan ritual so Ram gets confused about what to do. Priya thinks this is Swati mom’s right, please come soon. Pihu says Meera will do the gatbandhan, as it was decided. Pihu brings Meera when Meera just waits. Priya thinks why has not Swati reached yet? Has Lakhan said about Ram’s asthama to Swati? Nandini says please Priya let me do it, I am just saying as a mother, I will accept all the punishment you want to give me let me do the gatbandhan. Pihu says we had already decided. Sid asks Shubham to step in or else another drama will happen. Shubham asks Ram to listen to Nandini. Priya thinks what if Nandini again comes back in Ram’s life. Nandini says I know you guys don’t trust me but if Swati would have been alive, she would have done this but she is not here. Priya says she is here and alive and as you said gatbandhan should be done by mom. Everyone gets shocked. Nandini thinks how does Priya knows? Did Swati not leave? Here, Lakhan asks Swati if Ram is really her son. Swati cries standing in the bus stand.

Here, Ram says stop I know mom is no more, please it’s difficult for me, dad told me she is gone. Just then Swati calls out for Ram. Ram gets shocked. Lakhan brings Swati there. Swati says you wanted to hear this right Ram? Nandini gets shocked. Priya says she is alive and this was my surprise for you. Ram gets shocked seeing her. Ram and Priya go towards Swati. Ram is unable to say anything. Ram remembers all the time when Swati hide her face as Lakhan’s mom. Priya thinks thank you for coming. Priya says you finally came. Swati says I got the kadha and Ram always got relief from this kadha. Swati says all the ingredients in it. Ram remembers it how Swati used to make it for his asthama as a a remedy. Ram says this my mom used to make, this one only Swati mom knew. Swati says you have to take it before ingesting the smoke which might trigger asthama. Priya says your mom is alive see. Ram asks where did you find her? Priya says I coincidentally met her and that’s important and I found her on time. Priya says Meera says when most important thing gets lost from us then these kind of miracles make us belief in god. Priya says I don’t know how it has happened but I know how Swati your mom is back and your love got her back. Everyone goes neat Swati.

Ram just looks at Swati. Lakhan says what is happening? Pihu says she is Swati dadi. Priya says yes. Swati adores Pihu and hugs her. Priya asks Ram not to question and live in this moment and feel this as this is your special moment. Priya says I know we have lots of questions but right now we should live in the moment. Priya says when I first saw her i also got confused but I thought to unite you both. Ram remembers how Swati requested to be a big brother to Lakhan. Ram thinks then Lakhan is my own brother. Sid and Shubham think Lakhan is Ram’s brother real one. Priya says to know more about her I came to talk to you yesterday. Priya says it’s important for you to have your mom’s presence and blessing. Priya says to get her here, I used your health reason, why she hid the truth only she knows. Priya asks Swati what is the truth? Nandini worries thinking if Ram gets to know I did this then it will be an issue. Swati thinks of Nandini’s threat.

Nandini thinks what should I do? I need to do something. Lakhan asks Swati if Ram is really your son? Yash thinks that means Lakhan is Ram’s real brother. Yash says Swati why didn’t you tell me that you have a family? You came to us in Delhi before Lakhan was about to born, then why didn’t you tell us you have a family in Mumbai? Nandini looks upset. Ram thinks why did Swati hide the truth and even now she is silent. Swati thinks I don’t know what to say, after so many years I met my son. Meera asks Ram to not just stand but hug and take blessing of Swati. Ram gets emotional and cries. Ram says my mom is standing infront of me, I just wanted this, I don’t want anything or any money, I just need my mom. Ram takes blessings of Swati and hugs her. They both cry while hugging each other. Ram asks from Swati if she will tie his gatbandhan. Swati says I don’t think so I should do this. Priya thinks Swati must be fearing from Nandini. Priya says mom do you have any objection? Meera says I don’t have any objection, none of us can take your place, you should do it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lakhan says you are such a person whom everyone leaves. Ram gets angry and raises his hand on Lakhan while he stops him. Everyone gets shocked.

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