Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27th October 2022 Written Update: Radha treats an injured Ketki

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha recognizes that Pratap is the one who kidnapped her in the past. She decides to tell about Pratap to Ketki. Pratap thinks that Radha doubts him. He decides to do something before Radha does something. On the other hand, Mohan wonders that why Radha is not picking the call. Tulsi’s spirit tells him that something is wrong.

Pratap asks Radha that what was she saying. Radha thinks that she can’t let him know that she recognized him or else he may hurt the students. She tells him that he was right in phone matter. She apologizes to him. Ketki asks her that why the latter is apologizing to Pratap. Radha tells her that she made mistake that’s why. Ketki asks her to not be so good. Pratap thinks that he has to handle Ketki first. Ketki says that passenger can talk on a phone. She asks Pratap that what is his problem. Radha thinks that Ketki don’t know how dangerous Pratap is. She asks her to calm down. But Ketki scolds Pratap for snatching the phone from Radha. She asks that who is he to order them. Pratap takes the knife to stab her. Blood drops on the bus.

Mohan calls Ketki but no response from other side. He asks Ajeet that why Ketki is not picking the call. Ajeet tells him that Ketki was playing antaksari with students. He asks him to come out because Namrata calling him. Tulsi’s spirit tells Mohan that Damini is so calm which means something is fishy.

Pratap says that he warned them to sit on their seats. Radha notices that Ketki injured her hand when holding the bus. She goes to get the first aid box. Pratap hides the knife. He hopes that Radha don’t see the bomb. Radha takes first aid box and treats Ketki’s wound. Ketki says that she will complain about Pratap to school management.

Radha’s phone rings. Radha asks Pratap to give her phone to her. Pratap gives the phone to her. Radha tells Mohan that everything is fine like yesterday night. She tells him that she forgot her Ramayan book in the house. She says that it will be good if they are together for Gungun’s competition then. She informs him that they are going through forest area so network problem will be there and disconnects the call.

Namrata’s son brings Chanchan there. Namrata says that Chanchan is her guest. Chanchan asks about Gungun and Gungun’s future mother. Mohan tells her that Gungun left for school. Chanchan asks him to call Gungun’s future mother. Namrata says that Damini is Gungun’s future mother. Chanchan says that Radha is Gungun’s future mother. Namrata says that she know about their plan that’s why she brought Chanchan. Damini thinks that she called them so Tulsi think that this is her plan.

Namrata tells Mohan that they are teaching Gungun to lie. She says that he is marrying Damini when Gungun don’t like Damini. Mohan pleads her to not separate Gungun from him. Namrata’s son murmurs to Mohan that they will take revenge on him through Gungun. Mohan beat him up. He threatens to kill him. Namrata records everything. She tells Chanchan that this is Mohan’s real face. She says that everyone is liars in his family. She says that she will see them in the court and leaves from there. Chanchan says that she will submit new report to the court and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Radha asks Pratap that what is he doing bending like this. Pratap tells her that he was searching a thing. She asks him that what is under the seat. She tells him that she will help him to find it. She is about to bend but he holds her hand and tells her to return to her seat. Ketki yells at him. On the other hand, Damini says that Radha won always but this time she will win. She decides to concentrate on her marriage preparations. She applies haldi on her face seeing Mohan’s photo. She congratulates him for their haldi ceremony.

Kaveri comes there and asks her that what is the latter doing. Damini tells her that she is celebrating haldi ceremony with Mohan which was ruined by Radha and Gungun. She says that Radha going to be punished for her mistake. Radha scolds Pratap for holding her hand. Pratap asks her to go to her seat. She moves from there. She thinks that Pratap hiding something from her for sure. Pratap notices that bomb fell down. 

Damini tells Kaveri that no one thought to celebrate her haldi with Mohan. Kaveri informs her about Kadambari’s actions. Damini tells her that after today Kadambari won’t have option than her. Kaveri asks her that why the latter is so calm. Damini tells her that the latter will get answer for all her questions today evening. Kaveri asks her to share the plan with her. Damini tells her that let the plan get succeed first. She takes the parcel from her saying that she ordered bomb. Kaveri gets scared hearing her. 

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