Qurbaan Hua 11th December 2020 Written Update: Neel tells Chahat that Baig saved his life

Qurbaan Hua 11th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Neel tries to convince Chahat that she should not take an impulsive decision which will make her regret later. She doesn’t listen to him and says that she can’t lie anymore to Vyas ji and will tell the truth right away. Aalekh goes to meet Mami who gives her that pen drive that was hidden in Kripa’s blanket. He decides to hide it before someone else finds it and sees the footage.

Chahat tells Neel that she is not having the courage to tell the truth to Vyas ji and sits and prays to God for giving her the courage. Neel gets scared thinking that if Vyas ji sees her then there will be trouble. Vyas ji asks mama ji to call for an alert in whole city and then takes the ganga jal to sprinkle in whole house before he starts doing prayer for their safety.

Vyas ji goes around the house sprinkling water while Neel tries to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t come this side. Vyas ji comes in garden and sees Chahat sitting on floor, he asks her what she is doing. She gets shocked and gets up instantly while a Muslim guru comes to give blessings saying that someone is praying to God for strength.

Vyas ji tells the guru that there is no Muslim here but the guru says that his ears can never be mistaken to hear the name of Allah. Vyas ji goes to him and tells that his family has been serving the temple since ages and only Hindu mantras are chartered here. Chahat interrupts and asks what if there is a Muslim in this house, what if he gets to know that she is a Muslim? Vyas ji says that he will give up his position of mahant if that happens and then tells the guru to go as there is no Muslim here.

Chahat is about to tell the truth when Mami calls everyone inside and shows the vidoe of the factory in which Baig is seen throwing molten iron on Neel. Mama ji says bad things about Baig which hurt Chahat but she has to stay quiet while Vyas ji curses Baig for getting the worst death. Chahat asks Vyas ji to not hype out and that Baig will get punished but he says that he wants to see him being punished and even that he feels like burning his hands in this hot coal. Chahat feels hurt but thinks that she will accept the punishment of Baig’s part today. She burns her hand but Neel stops her and Vyas ji asks her not to do this and why is she doing this because of Baig.

Chahat is about to tell the truth but Neel interrupts and says she did this because of guilt for not being able to catch Baig, he takes her for first aid. Mami raises a point about Chahat’s behavior and says that maybe she and Neel are hiding something from them. In room, Chahat expresses her guilt due to her dad but Neel tells her that her dad was the one who saved him. She says that he is just trying to keep her heart but he says that it is the truth and even he wants answers to many questions and why her dad saved his life if he tried to kill him.

Neel says that to know everything, they need to cure Baig and only she can cure him. He thinks of removing the symbols of their marriage before taking her to Baig but she resists. He tells her that Baig won’t understand the relation that has built-up between them and reminds her that she is a Muslim staying in house of Hindus, and her dad won’t he able to accept this thing. She takes off all her bangles and bindi and wonders why can’t they break this barrier of religion and stay together.

Later, Chahat treats Baig but she doesn’t let herself be open with him because of his act but Neel says that she doesn’t have to control her emotions and she should go close to him as he is her dad. Baig requests her to take him to dargah as he is regretting his act but she denies as she doesn’t want to take risk.

Aalekh reaches the Muslim area in disguise while Neel convinces Chahat to take Baig to dargah wearing burkha to hide her identity. Aalekh tells Mami on call that he will do wild gun fire here to increase the fear of terrorists. Meanwhile Chahat arrives there with Baig, they stop as Chahat makes Baig wear a shawl while Aalekh points a gun a Chahat from a distance. The episode ends.

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