Qurbaan Hua 21st November 2020 Written Update: Ghazala discovers Neel’s truth

Qurbaan Hua 21st November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Chahat opens Neel’s plaster and takes his phone and sees the message that called him to the iron factory. She asks him to call to check who it is, a man from old age home picks up the call and says that he doesn’t know any Baig and it is wrong number.

 Chahat says that someone from the ashram might have sent the message but Neel asks why would someone from ashram text him so she says that they should go to ashram to check. They reach there and find everyone too old to be able to kill someone. They see an old couple fighting for eating medicines and adore their love and fight.

Neel and Chahat discuss that when they get old they will also break their bones fighting with their partners. Then they imagine themselves in place of the old couple and fighting with each other as old people. In imagination Chahat tries to hide her chips packet from Neel and takes off his glasses but he falls down and she lifts him up.

 They come out of imagination and Chahat says it’s all rubbish as they are not going to spend their life with each other and Neel also says that when she proves her dad innocent they will both part ways. They look at each other with fear in eyes of losing each other but don’t express.

Chahat says that they should focus on the work they had come here to do and they go in. Ghazala sees Dr Baig in unconscious state and wonders why he is not waking up but then says to driver that they have to take him away and goes down.

 Neel asks Chahat to wait in the reception and goes to check the whole ashram but collides with Ghazala. She asks him what he is doing here so he says the driver had called him and says that he will see a good chance and kill Chahat soon. He asks her what she is doing here and she starts speaking but gets a call.

Ghazala picks up the call that is mami’s and expresses fake sorrow for Neel’s death. Mami says Neel is alive and he survived the molten iron incident. She also says that Neel’s face had been destroyed completely but Chahat somehow made his face clear.

 Ghazala looks at Neel in shock while Mami tells her that she has put her profile picture on use app with Neel. Ghazala is confused about what is happening and checks mami’s profile picture and sees Neel us the one who she was talking to.  She is petrified seeing this and realizes that he fooled her using his changed face.

Aalekh is tired of trying to make Kripa stop crying and asks Mami to help him out. Naveli says that Kripa must be scared of his bad face which angers him while Mami also taunts him about his face. At old age home Chahat meets the manager and shows him the message sent from his number but he says he didn’t send the message.

She asks him how could someone else send it without him knowing but he says why would any old person here send the message and also tells about Baig without mentioning name. She says that she is a doctor and offers to treat the patient.

Vyas ji comes to room hearing Kripa’s crying and asks where is Chahat, he calls her and asks her to come home so she tells the manager that she has to go home immediately. She finds Neel and calls him by name and tells that she is going home, he wonders that she called him by his name and Ghazala might have recognized him. He finds Ghazala gone, she goes out and calls the driver and tells that Neel is alive and he and Chahat should not find Dr Baig.

She asks him to kill Baig but in a way that seems like an accident. He finds kerosene in the balcony and throws it in room while Neel looks out for Ghazala.  The driver puts Baig’s room on fire and jumps out if balcony while Baig coughs and everyone shouts asking to save him. Neel hears that and jumps in the room to save the old man and somehow brings him out of the room covered in blanket. He sees it’s Dr Baig and gets enraged. The episode ends.

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