Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2020 Written Update: Mahira mixes poison in Preeta’s food

Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sherlyn asks Mahira that where she went. Mahira says she went to entertain herself and it was so much fan. Dadi goes to bring Rakhi for pooja. Preeta comes there and was about to sit for pooja with other ladies but faints. Everyone shocks seeing that and runs towards her. Rishab calls Doctor and Karan takes her to their room.

Mahira asks Sherlyn what will happen now. Sherlyn says Ramona’s plan working now Preeta has to drink water at least and her fast going to break. Mahira says she can’t keep fast for Karan so she doesn’t deserves to call herself as his wife. Sherlyn praises Ramona’s plan.

Mahira says till now she was fighting against Preeta alone that’s why she used to lose against her and she thought she will end up marrying Karan but at end moment Preeta spoiled that also. She says now Ramona is with her and says Sherlyn would have seen how easily she made her entry in Luthra house again because her mother’s plan. She says her mother promised her that she will get Karan if she does everything which her mother tells her to do then. Sherlyn recalls how they planned with Ramona.

Ramona tells them to mix poison in Preeta’s food. Mahira asks what’s the use of that when she eats food after fasting. Sherlyn says during fast Preeta won’t eat anything. Ramona tells her to listen the plan completely first then react and says they will give her poison before she starts her fast and then poison will do it’s work.

Sherlyn says Preeta won’t even drink water then how can they give poison to her. Ramona tells her to not interrupt and says they has to mix the poison in the laddu which Sarla brought for her because Preeta will eat for sure and she can’t complete the fast no matter what.

Sherlyn comes to reality and says Ramona’s idea working and everything happening according to their plan. She says she used to thought just Mahira is smart but she was wrong Ramona is more smart than her and says like she said Preeta’s fast going to break now. She says she is also afraid of her because she can kill anyone if she wants then.

Mahira says she was dying each second because of that Preeta but it’s time for her to die and says today she doesn’t have any choice than eating food and if she won’t eat then she will die if she eats then the wife in her will die and whatever Preeta choose she is going to lose today.

Sarla gets worried for Preeta. Sristy consoles her saying she will fine there and anyways they are going there to meet her. Doctor checks Preeta and asks what she ate today. Preeta says she is keeping fast so didn’t eat anything. Doctor says considering the symptoms seems like there was poison in the food she ate. Everyone shocks hearing her. Doctor says she is sending her blood sample for testing and once report comes she will confirm it and tells her to eat something now. Preeta says she won’t break her fasting.

Karan scolds her and leaves from there angrily. Dadi tells them to not force Preeta. Rishab says poison spreading on her body so she has to eat something. Doctor suggests them to admit her in hospital. Preeta says she before completing her fast she won’t go anywhere. Doctor injects her and tells her to take rest.

Kareena tells everything to Sherlyn and Mahira. Mahira says seems like God also doesn’t want Preeta to keep fast for Karan because she is not his wife, she married him deceiving everyone. Dadi comes there and says she is worried for Preeta’s health. Karan enters his room and sees Preeta resting on his bed and sits beside her and holds her hand. She wakes up. Mahira comes there with food and says Doctor suggested that Preeta should eat that’s why she brought food for her. Karan takes that plate from her and was about to feed to Preeta but she stops him saying she won’t break her fast.

Episode ends.

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