Qurbaan Hua 2nd December 2020 Written Update: Neel and Chahat spend some alone time

Qurbaan Hua 2nd December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Neel asks the man to speak the truth so he tells that Dr Baig’s wife sent him to kill them all and he also says repeatedly that Chahat is Muslim. Vyas ji looks at Chahat in anger which makes her nervous but he  passes her and slaps the man for putting false blame on Chahat. He says Chahat is his daughter and warns him against saying anything against her.

Vyas ji says that today they have found the culprit behind throwing molten iron on Neel and now they can welcome Neel in a proper way. Later, Nee asks Chahat what happened so she apologizes to him as Ghazala was involved in that incident and he got hurt in attempt to save her.

Chahat feels guilty about all that happened but he asks her to relax and says no one will be able to hurt her till he is there. Neel expresses his happiness about the fact that no one trusted the guy when he said she is Muslim and even Mami took their side.

 She says that she is feeling even more guilty for lying now but he says he forced her to lie so she should not blame herself. At night, they find no one in the house and are confused when Vyas ji calls Neel and tells that they have come to movie hall as mama ji wanted to go. He says he didn’t ask them to come as he wanted them to have some alone time after that accident happened.

Neel and Chahat look at each other in a confused way, Chahat goes and switches on the light. They see the whole house decorated and a setup made for candle light dinner. They find a tab in which Bhopu has left a message saying that Vyas ji asked him to make these decorations. Neel asks Chahat to not take these things seriously, an awkward moment is created between them

. Then he suggests that they should sit and talk, now that all arrangements are done. Chahat also says that they can spend some time to know each other. They sit and Neel asks what does she like other than studies so she says that she likes to eat and sleep a lot and starts telling him her life experiences and he enjoys listening to her and smiles.

Chahat asks Neel what he likes other than studies, so he says that he likes to play guitar which makes her laugh and she makes fun of him asking whether he can actually play guitar. She looks the other way while laughing when Neel comes with his guitar and starts playing it. She is surprised seeing him play so well and praises his talent. She says that it would be even better if he sings a song so he sings a romantic song for her while she is mesmerized by his voice. She gets lost in imagination where she dances with Neel.

The song ends and she comes out of her dream while Neel praises himself for his music and she blushes. He says girls blush when they fall in love but she diverts the topic by saying that she is hungry. They go and sit for eating, Neel eats the food and says it’s taste is really bad and that Mami won’t be able to make good food ever. But Chahat becomes upset by hearing this and says that she made the food for him but she shouldn’t have wasted her time in cooking food.

Neel says that she shouldn’t have tried what her talent is not. She says that he could have appreciated her efforts a bit  so he appreciates her efforts but also makes fun of her which makes her angry. She says she won’t do anything for him now onwards and goes to room. She sees a shadow in the room, Neel comes and she shuts his mouth and tells him that there is someone in the washroom. Neel catches the man and brings him out and the man says he is a small thief and says that he is troubled by his marriage. Neel also says that his wife had made bad food and is angry cause he didn’t appreciate her. The thief says that his wife sent him and shows him her photo, so Neel shows sympathy for him and gives him money and clothes.

Chahat and Neel start fighting when the thief escapes and Neel asks her to arrange the room and goes out in a hurry. She tries to close the alrmira but it gets stuck and she finds Dr Baig’s watch stuck in her saree. The episode ends

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