Qurbaan Hua 8th December 2020 Written Update: Chahat survives the explosion

Qurbaan Hua 8th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Chahat hugs Neel as he tries to convince her to leave but she refuses and tries to calm him down. She gives Kripa to Neel and they get emotional and scared at the same time. They see the timer and hold each other tightly when suddenly Chahat pushes Neel and stands in his place. Neel shouts at her at her doing but she says that she is destined to die today and thinks that Ghazala got Kripa kidnapped so that she could reach to her and kill her.

She asks Neel to go away with Golu but he says that he will do something and if needed, will die for her. Chahat starts crying while Neel says he will find a solution to this, Chahat sees a trolley and asks Neel to bring it and find some weights equivalent to her weight so that they can put there and she can get off.

Neel gives Kripa to Chahat and brings the trolley. He tries to find heavy things while Chahat feels sorry and puts Golu in the trolley and pushes the trolley outside. She shouts to Neel to save Kripa and he rushes behind her and takes her out of the godown. He keeps Kripa outside and tells her that he will bring Chahat but Chahat stops him from coming in but he goes in saying that he won’t leave her alone. Neel rushes in while Chahat breaks down as the timer ticks. The timers come to zero as Chahat shouts loudly and a blast happens which makes Neel fall outside the place.

Neel gains senses after a few moments and goes inside, he finds Chahat lying below some boxes and tries to bring her out when he sees a pillar about to fall down. He goes and holds it while Chahat tries to get up, she notices a video playing in her phone which is the CCTV footage in which her dad is visible coming to the factory and pulling the lever.

Neel confesses his feelings for her but she does notice as she is left shocked by seeing the video. Neel says that he will live with her or die and throws the pillar off while Chahat falls due to shock and he holds her. She tells him about her phone and he sees the footage in which Dr Baig is visible pulling the lever.

Neel is enraged by seeing the video and says that her dad killed Saraswati and also tried to kill him without thinking about Chahat also. He says that Baig is a muderer, that moment Baig comes and points a gun at Neel. He threatens to kill him for torturing Chahat and shoots him which makes her scream. She screams and wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.

Vyas ji consoles her and says everything is fine when she is relieved that this was a dream and Neel has not seen the footage yet. Vyas ji expresses his gratitude to her for saving Kripa without thinking of her life but she is broken thinking about the video. She feels guilty for lying to Vyas ji despite the fact that he has given her so much love and her own dad tried to kill Neel.

Chahat is about to tell Vyas ji the truth when Neel comes and says he has made an appointment with doctor for Chahat. Vyas ji asks Chahat to relax and says that the kidnapper will be caught soon and punished.

 Mami tells Aalekh that she heard Vyas ji talking to police and if they find out that he kidnapped Kripa then he will be in trouble. He shows her the newspaper and says that there is a terrorist group in their state and then calls the police with a changed voice and says that that terrorist group is behind the blast and more blasts will happen.

Aalekh says he won’t get caught for the blast but Mami says that Chahat will see the factory footage and find out about him so he tells that he bribed a worker and got the video deleted. Vyas ji asks Neel to take Chahat to doctor and goes while Chahat starts crying badly.

 Neel consoles her and praises her for her bravery to change her mood. He goes close and asks her to relax, he asks her to stop crying as he can’t tolerate her tears. She says she wants to tell him something but he says all will be done after her exam and asks her to get ready for her practical today. She says she hasn’t studied and can’t do it but he says he will make her fulfil her dream which makes her more guilty thinking about her dad’s deed. The episode ends.

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