Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2020 Written Update: Preeta gets evidence to prove Sarla’s innocence

Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Preeta praises the sweet dish which Sarla made. Sristy says Sarla deliberately made Preeta’s favorite sweet dish. Sarla says she felt Preeta may come today to meet her so she thought to prepare her favorite sweet dish and says she feels good to see them together. Preeta says she missed her so much and hugs her.

 Sarla thinks seems like today could be the last day she can spend time with her daughters and cries. Preeta wipes her tears. Sarla says what will happen to them if she goes to jail. Preeta says she won’t let anything happen to her and consoles her. Sristy slept already. Sarla tells Preeta to take care of Sristy if she goes to jail.

Next day, Rakhi wakes Karan and asks about Preeta. He says she doesn’t care about him at all and asking about her daughter in law. She says she knows that he is teasing her. He says Preeta missed her mother and was crying yesterday so he dropped her in Arora house and will go to pick her later. She says Preeta is good daughter, daughter in law and wife but they only misunderstood her earlier.

She says she fulfills all the responsibilities as a wife, daughter in law and daughter.  He says she never misunderstood her because she always said Preeta is good girl and says he is hungry. Sherlyn overhears their conversation and leaves from there. Rakhi thanks God for clearing all the misunderstanding Preeta and Karan had between them. Janki searches Preeta,Sristy and gets emotional seeing them with Sarla.

 Sarla asks why Janki crying. Preeta asks did Police came to arrest Sarla. Sristy too wakes up. Janki says Police is not here but she got emotional seeing them together like this and says she is going to eat all those laddus to prove  Sherlyn wrong. Sristy stops her. Sarla says she would have mixed some expiry things by mistake.

 Preeta says these laddus doesn’t have poison because Sherlyn,Mahira confessed that they mixed poison later so they can’t prove anything even if Janki eats these laddus. She notices those laddus and says she didn’t ate these laddus in her sargi. Sristy asks if Preeta didn’t ate the laddus made by Sarla then what she ate yesterday. Sarla says she would have ate the laddus made by Ramona.

Everyone shocks hearing her and they realises that Sherlyn, Mahira exchanged the laddus and lied to Preeta.  Sarla says Ramona mixed poison in her laddus to help Mahira to get Karan. Sristy asks why Sherlyn took risk when she is pregnant. Preeta says Sherlyn didn’t ate full laddu and also Doctor was there to treat her. 

Preeta says Sherlyn,Mahira would not have thrown Sarla’s laddus so she is going to search them in Luthra house then she will call Sristy and they will do something to expose them. Later Preeta enters Luthra house and starts to search laddus in Mahira’s room. She was about to go from there but notices the laddu box which Ramona brought and opens it and sees Sarla’s laddus there.Mahira who was in washroom hears some noise and  assumes Preeta as Sherlyn and asks her to give towel. Preeta pours something in the towel to blacken Mahira’s face and gives it to her.

Episode ends.

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