Qurbaan Hua: Chahat decided to proof the innocence of her father

Zee TV’s recent launched show is going through the major twist in the story line these days. The viewers of the show is going to witness some really interesting and attracting twist and turns in the upcoming episodes of the show. As per the main concept of this daily, “Qurbaan Hua” finally entered the zone where both Chahat and Neil are fake married to each other and going to stay together under the same roof.

After the date of Saraswati, Neil is living under the impression that his elder sister was killed by Doctor Baig and to find him out he is going to use Chahat as the trump card. Chahat also promised Neil that she will proof the innocence of her father in front of him at any cost.

In the last night episode of the show, Neel will try to find out the location of big from Chahat by scaring heart and also torture her physically. Chahat who has no idea about the intentions of Neil gets shocked to see e his real face and she challenges him to prove him wrong.

Neel also vows to torture Chahat to an extent so that she gets bound to contact her father and he can get hold of the culprit of his sister. On the other hand the family members of the house got the lab coat of Dr Baig in their house premises. A determined Neil asks Chahat to throw stones at the lab coat of her father to show the hatred for him as the daughter-in-law of the house. The upcoming episodes of the show will showcase the fight back story of Chahat where she will decide to prove the truth in front of all. However soon she is going to confront a big challenge as the mane of aalekh will get hold of Gopal who is aware about her real identity. Will Neil be able to save and hide the real identity of Chahat from his family? Will Chahat gets to know the real truth?