Qurbaan Hua: Dua leaves with Alaknanda

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This show is turning out to be something else only. Every episode has something new to show the audience. The audience can only guess what is going to be in the next episode and even if they make all the guesses, the makers come out with something else only. Every episode is fresh with Content, with loads and loads of drama, emotion and story.
Every character is panning out really well. Every character is being brought up to the centre stage. This is not at all a typical daily soap that can be termed as boring.
Alaknanda is stopped and Shouted upon by Neel after returning from court. They have a heated discussion as to how could she do such a thing to a family who gave her everything. Alaknanda responds to this by saying that he does not deserve to say this as he himself is a cheater. This angers Chahat a lot.

Alaknanda further says that she will not live in this house anymore and leave with Dua right away. Everyone is shocked to hear this, only Mami is not. She supports her decision and says that she is doing a great work as Chahat does not deserve to be with Dua.
Dua is even stopped by Shlok and Naveli but she does not pay heed to either of them. Ghazala too comes with a lawyer saying that no body can stop Alaknanda from taking Dua with her as it is the court’s order.
Neel goes to choke Ghazala in anger and is stopped by Chahat and Vyasji. Dua leaves with Alaknanda and Ghazala. Both of them reach with Ghazala to Mr. Baig’s old house.

Here Chahat is completely broken. Ghazala tells Dua that she can live her life here the way she wants and nobody can stop her from doing so. She even tells Alaknanda that she can take proper care of Dua here and Ghazala manipulated her into believing that she can take better care of the entire property of Mr. Baig better than Alaknanda. Alaknanda tells Dua that nobody from that house will ever come to meet them, not even Shlok.
Here Neel tells Chahat that they can win back Dua’s custody as Alaknanda is not married. Mami overhears this and goes to tell Alaknanda.
Alaknanda agrees to marry saying she can do anything for Dua. Dua is left alone in the house. A stranger comes to the house. She hides behind a sofa.
So this is what happened in today’s episode. Why did Dua take such a decision of going with Alaknanda? What is Chahat going to do next to win back Dua’s custody? What will Ghazala plan next to win all of Baig’s properties? How will Mami help Alaknanda into getting married and keep Dua’s custody? There are a lot of questions to answer.
To find all the answers keep watching Qurbaan Hua.