Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd February 2024 Written Update: Ruhan insults Gazal

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The episode starts with Gazal trying to escape from the hospital. She is shocked to see the security there. Dua comes there and says that she is aware Gazal will try to escape from there. She asked the security to stay outside to stop her from escaping from them. Gazal refuses to go with her. Dua forces her to go with her. Meanwhile, Kaynaat thinks that Gazal shouldn’t give birth to a girl. She can’t allow Subhan to marry her daughter. She will separate Subhan from her. Gulnaaz prevents her from fall down. She asks her doesn’t she belive Peer Baba’s words? He always says the truth. What if Gazal daughter married to Subhan? She will separate her son from her. She will snatch Subhan like the way she snatched Haider from Dua. She will ruin her family. Kaynaat asks her to stop it. Kaynaat asks her to stop provoking her. She asks her to kill Gazal and her baby if she has the dare. She makes fun of Gulnaaz for always pretending to be bold. Kaynaat leaves from there.

Hina worries about Peer baba’s words. Hameeda tells her that nothing like that happens because their children have god’s blessing. Hina says that peer baba words never turned true. Doesn’t he said that Gazal is a cunning person in their first meet. He can guess the character of them by seeing their face. Dua and Haider comes there. Dadi asks them not to discuss about it in front of them. Dadi asks Dua about baby. She tells her that both babies are doing well. Ruhan asks her what’s choti Dua doing? Dadi asks him how did he confirmed it’s choti Dua? He says that Peer baba mentioned that Subhan will marry her. Gazal says that she is also pregnant. There may be a chance she will give a birth to a daughter. He asks him to worry about her daughter too. What if she married to Subhan. Ruhan says that he won’t think or worry about such a dirty person.

Gazal tells him that he was mad in love with this dirty girl. He is talking like this because she isn’t carrying his baby. He is angry because she is carrying his brother’s baby. Haider says that he is ashamed to mention her as an woman. She made him fall in love with her. She became pregnant with his child using IVF treatment. She doesn’t has the rights to insult him. He says her to have little shame. Gazal says that she is saying the truth. Gulnaaz lashes out at her. Ruhan admits that he is mad. But he understood her true colors and changed his mind. Dua says that he hates her. Then why should he expect her to carry his baby. She says that she became Haider’s wife with her cunning plan. She can’t get pregnant with his love. She used IVF treatment to become pregnant. Hina asks her not to waste her energy for her. Hina asks Gazal not being the past. She insults her.

Dua asks Gazal to go back to her room if she has little shame. Ruhan thinks that Gazal is a cunning person but Dua and Haider aren’t understanding it. Hina thinks that she would have killed her with her own hands if she has some courage. Hameeda thinks that Gazal is threatening to Dua’s life. She might send her far from her life. Kaynaat fears that Gazal may talk like this about Hafeez. She wants to save her babies. She thought to kill her. Gulnaaz swears to kill her. Meanwhile, Haider stops Dua from working. He talks nicely with her and crack jokes to make her laugh. He masaged her leg. The baby kicked her belly. Haider enjoyed that moment. Dua feels someone watching them. Gazal is scared to see the shadow.

Episode end

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