RadhaKrishn – Jo Tu Chahe Woh Main Laaun!

Amidst the chaos of Ugrapaat finding out about malicious intentions of Ayan and Jatila and throwing out them out of the house, Lord Krishna and Radha will be seen spending quality time together in Star Bharat’s show ‘Radhakrishn’. Yashoda has finally stopped teasing the duo and is ready to accept Radha as her daughter in law and Krishna’s wife which fulfilled one of the wishes of Radha and Krishna. Now Radha will tell another of her wishes to Krishna to which he will immediately agree to fulfill that.

She expresses that she has taken an oath and to serve that oath she needs to visit the Mount Govardhana. Upon hearing about Radha’s oath and to fulfill it, Lord Krishna promptly agrees on taking her there himself. Next, in the upcoming tracks of the show, we will be witnessing the entertaining journey of these ideal lovers into the jungle of Mount Govardhana. It is possible that the journey will be filled with difficulties, especially for Radha.

But as difficult as it looks, how Lord Krishna will help her through is going to be a visual treat for us viewers. We can expect the journey to be filled with heartwarming romances and Lord Krishna bravely supporting Radha through the challenges in the jungle. On the other side, we can also expect some pranks or fun antics on Krishna’s part considering his playful nature. Anyways, tow ideal lovers taking a tour of Mount Govardhan is a journey to look after.

On the other side, what devious plans will Ayan and Jatila make to separate these lovers now that they are thrown out of the house is also an interesting angle in the show. They are mortified and in immense rage towards Krishna and it might lead to Radha and Krishna’s tragedy even due to these evil people. Let’s wait and watch.

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