Sikander Singh Gill is Chandan the thief! Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Viewers  fix your eyes on Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, as in the show shocking revelation ahead.

As, reported earlier after accident, currently  in the show you are witnessing two Sikander Singh Gill. One is staying with Lovely and her family and other one staying with Nandini. But to a shock Bhola is the real Sikander, who after the accident lost his memory and is staying with Pakhi and Nandini. Otherside, the one who is staying at Sikander’s house is Chandan the thief.

We already told you, on the accident day one thief entered into Sikander’s car when he was returning back from temple to meet Amyra and Kulfi. Sikander pleaded him to let him go but in a fight the car met with an accident. Sikander came out from the car and fainted.

Now in the episodes, Kulfi already had a doubt on Sikander. Sikander acted rudely with Kulfi in front of the family. Sikander’s rude behavior towards Kulfi shocked his family and Kulfi was stunned looking at him. Mahinder tries to calm Sikander but he pushes him away. Lovely tries to read Sikander. Later, at the room Sikander was angry on his behavior and thus regret for shouting at Kulfi in front of the family. He worries if his this behavior will land him into trouble and everyone will get to know that he is Chandan not Sikander?

Yes, you read it right he Chandan the thief, who got Sikander’s name and face. And Bhola is the real Sikander.

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