Radhakrishn- separation for Radha and Krishna!

It is a heart-wrenching track ahead for the fans of Radha and Krishna in Radhakrishn that airs on Star Bharat, a show based on the mythology of Lord Krishna and Radha’s love saga. Time has come for the tragic separation between the eternal lovers and we all must ready our tissue boxes to handle the upcoming events in the show. After many dilemmas, Lord Krishna has decided to accept his fate as he is born in human avatar in this life.
When Sridhama makes a plea to Krishna to end his curse to Radha as he must be able to do that being the Lord Narayana, however, Krishna dismisses his plea and tells him that a curse is anyway implacable. He can not diffuse it even if he is an avatar of the god. All humans will have to take their fate and karma as it is. In the upcoming episode, Radha and Krishna will spend alone time in the garden where Krishna after emotionally applying Mehendi in her hands reminds her of her duties as a daughter comes first. Mirroring Radha’s thoughts, Krishna will tell her to be a good daughter and not let her parents suffer to the promises they made. He will ask her to cancel their marriage for the sake of everyone. This is going to be a very emotional and heartbreaking moment for all the people ardently following the show.
Meanwhile, in the upcoming track, Krishna will be seen belittling an ancient ritual in front of everyone. This will make everyone feel surprised as it is not expected from Krishna. Since Krishna has been born in this life as a human so it is being portrayed that even if he is Lord in real, he also does makes mistakes and have to pay for them like human beings. Keep supporting the show and us.

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