August 26, 2019
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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Cunningness everywhere!

It has not been long since Sufiyana Pyaar Mera started airing on Star Bharat but the show is already very high in intense drama and cunning plots and twists coming from almost all central characters. The show is becoming more and more intriguing with all the fast-tracked dramatic events and plots folding one after another.

Where Zaroon is in pressure to have Kainat and Humza married to each other as soon as possible so he can get his Saltanat for himself, Kainat has no intentions of giving up on him so easily. She is still in her mental illusion that Zaroon will only belong to her. She has even openly discussed her delusion to Zaroon which shocked him to the core. She gifted a suit to Zaroon and asked him to wear it so that she could envision her illusion until the end. Her craziness makes Zaroon feel weird but he still takes the suit with him and later tells Saltanat about it. Saltanat might do something about this after knowing it is what we speculate.

On the other side, due to Kaainat’s cunning way, Nilam and Ayub will meet each other. Meanwhile, Rubina will be suspicious of Kainat’s activities and will have a close eye on her throughout. Kainat is still trying to find a way to dodge this marriage and get married to Zaroon instead. She thinks in her mind she will keep trying until the very end.

Soon, the marriage ceremony will begin amidst huge celebrations amongst the families. Zaroon will lead Humza to the central stage to be together with Kainat. Kainat will feel the pressure up against her spine when she actually sees the marriage happening. She worriedly keeps praying for some divine intervention to stop this marriage. Will it be stopped though? Will Zaroon end up marrying Kainat instead? Time will tell soon. Keep this space abuzz for further details.

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