RadhaKrishn Written Update 27th December 2019: Krishna bids final adieu to Radha

The episode starts with yashoda talking to Krishna and reminiscing all the past times. She says that she had always thought that he will be a normal person but eventually got to know that he is not normal and has taken birth to do something extraordinary in this world. Each and every action of his will be remembered by the world for the time immemorial. She had thought that this time of separation will cause great pain in her heart but she actually feels peace and patience in her heart. She is satisfied with whatever has happened in life and what is going to happen in life.

Krishna and Balram touch the feet of Yashoda and Nand and start leaving. Everyone has tears in their eyes. Here The Senapati is preparing a strategy to attack on barsana. He tells this to all his commanders. Then suddenly few of the soldiers appear with Ayan. In being asked of his identity he says that he has been a very close aid to Kansa and was liked by him.

Ayan later informs that Radha has ordered Krishna and Balram ti leave barsana so that the attack could be avoided. This comes as a shock to senapati. He says that his spies did not give any such information to him and also adds on that if the information proves to be false then he will kill ayan before killing krishna. Ayan promises that the information is true.

Krishna and Balram are leaving from barsana and then they appear at the crossroads where one road leads to barsana and the other takes them to mathura. Krishna tells him that before leaving forever he has to meet radha for one last time. He tells Balram that he will meet him at the border of barsana. Balram leaves and Krishna goes to meet Radha. Both of them have tears in their eyes.

Radha tells Krishna that he knew all this was going to happen, to which krishna replies that knowing what will happen in the future is not always for the good, sometimes it fills the heart with deep sorrow and upsets the mind too. It’s not easy. Radha tells him that each and every time spent with Krishna, will always remain in her heart. She will always cherish those moments. Same is said by Krishna. She further says that her role as his best friend, as his lover, as a gopi, will be etched in her mind forever. Some other gopis come near them and tell Krishna that whatever love Krishna has showed them throughout the years, they want to pour all their love for him today. Krishna agrees to it.

All the gopis, along with Radha start singing Krishna geet, full of love, respect and praises for Radha Krishna. Krishna enjoys all this with tears in his eyes. He says that this song will not be known as a Krishna geet, but will always be known as gopi geet and will be sung by the people forever. He tells everyone that he will always have the same love for all forever. After the gopis leave, Radha and Krishna are together and spending some final time together.

Radha tells Krishna that she wants a final promise from him as she knows that they are never going to meet again. Krishna tells her that her wish is his command. She tells him to play the flute for one last time.

Krishna plays it and even in the time of separation, the flute blows out tunes of love. She tells him to only play the flute for love and with love in the future. She tells that with whomsoever he falls in love in future, play for that person with love.

Krishna tells that it is never possible as he is not going to love anyone else ever the way he loves Radha. He then gets up and takes out his flute. On asking, he says that he is going to break the flute as it will never blow out music ever as it does for Radha and if that doesn’t happen, he does not require the flute. He breaks the flute in front of Radha.