Raghbir says I love you to Sukanya: Bepanah Pyaar


Colors TV Bepanah Pyaarr is witnessing high voltage drama from the first episode.

In the episodes, Raghbir gets all set to remarry. On his marriage day Sukanya comes and interrupts his marriage saying he is fraud as he has already married her. Raghbir gets shocked and says he don’t recognize her. Other girl breaks her marriage and goes from there.

Here, Raghbir recalls his moments with Bani. He says to Bani that no one can ever take her place in his life. Raghbir misses Bani and Pragiti helps him to find out Sukanya’s truth.

Raghbir says yes for the marriage with Sukanya. Everyone at his house ask him to get ready for the wedding. Raghbir again goes in flashback and thinks of his moments with Bani. He starts sinking in the pool and Harshit saves him.

Otherside, Pragiti is all to get married too. but she gets another shock seeing his uncle came as groom to marry him.

Upcoming in Bepanah Pyaar will see, drunk Raghbir will go to Sukanya and will confess the love.

Raghbir will say I Love You to Sukanya. She will say he is drunk and will ask him to go back home. Raghbir will hug her and will say he can’t leave without her.

Well, do Raghbir is trying to frame Sukanya of he confessed her love for real? What Pragiti will do after seeing his uncle who exchanged garland with her. Do Pragati will end up marrying him or there will be some twist? How Pragiti and Raghbir will come closer it will be interesting to watch. So, keep watching Bepanah Pyaar, mon-fri on Colors TV and stay tuned with us for more spoilers, news and updates.

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