Spoiler Alert for new show Vish on Colors

After bidding adieu to the supernatural shows like Vish ya Amrit Sitara Colors is back with another supernatural show based on almost the same topic titled as Vish. This newest member of the TV world is marking the comeback of Debina Banerjee after a long break of her from TV.

The show also marked a comeback for Arjun fame Sana Makbul Khan in the role of a protagonist. The show has already aired its first episode and the spoilers regarding the upcoming story is already making buzz.

As per the sources close to the makers in the upcoming episodes of the show viewers will get to see an unusual activities taking place due to some mysterious super powers. At the Bhairav Island the doctor will get killed by an unusual supernatural force. Many will not be able to find out any suitable reason or evidence regarding the fiasco.

On the other hand, Aliya will get suspicious about the whole scenario and decides to go there herself and check. She will meet a fruit vendor on the way who warns her about the danger that can come upon on her for going there. Whereas Aditya will come to know about the reality of Sabrina and decides to confess the same to Mohit.

The Peninsula pictures production is based on a story who are an endangered species forms as a crossbreed of a human and snake. The story is another love story between a half human creature and a person and can make many remember about Ekta Kapoor Naagin series.

The show will air from Mon-Fri at 10:30 pm only on colors TV.