Raja Rani 2: Adhi pleads with Sandhya

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Vijay TV’s popular show Raja Rani serials never fails to entertain it’s audience. Now serial focusing on Sivagami to mock Sandhya

In the previous episode we saw; Sandhya confronted Adhi. He lied to her that she was ruining his life for her IPS dream. Sandhya complained that he stole Saravanan’s money and enjoyed with that amount. Now accusing her. Adhi apologize to her for his mistake.

Sandhya showed the necklace bills to him and asked him why did he hide the truth from them? Adhi said to her that he wanted to impress Jessy. That’s why he gifted costly gift to her. Sandhya complained to him that Jessy doesn’t have such mentality to demand costly gifts from him.

Sandhya asked him to buy gift in his own money. Adhi plead with her to don’t reveal this matter to anyone he add that Mom already angry on him. Jessy won’t forgive him for this matter. Sandhya forgave him and send Adhi from there

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sandhya will think a way to solve this issue. She will fear that Sivagami may stop the wedding after the truth reveal to her.

Saravanan will advise Sandhya to concentrate on her IPS dream and this task. He will advise her to don’t hide anything from him. Sandhya will lie to Sivagami that she couldn’t find out the culprit. She will plead with her to give another chance to her. Archana will create a scene there.

What will happen next? Will Sandhya teach a lesson to Adhi? Will Archana do something to stop the wedding?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates