Raja Rani 5th May 2021 Written Update: Sandhya saves Valarmathi life

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The episode starts with Groom family about to leave from there. Sandhya stops them. She brings Groom sister and her husband there. He questions them if they are leaving for a reason Valarmathi can’t able to give birth to a baby boy. Then why should he live with their daughter whom gave birth to a baby girl? He adds that their daughter is pregnant with another child. He is damn sure that baby is also girl so take their daughter with them . Relatives questions him why did he creating problems unnecessarily? Those who not giving boy heir then they are not capable to live in their family that’s their thought right? Then take their daughter with them reasoning she is also going to give birth to a baby girl. They stands there in dilemma. They questiones him how could he think that baby will be girl? He questions the same to them?

How will they think Valarmathi baby will be a girl not even confirm it listening to a pandith words? How could they ruin one girls life for a astrologer? They can hurt someone else daughter but when it comes to their daughter they are questioning him? He says its not fair. If they are right then he is also right. That lady pleads with Sandhya to explain to him. He adds that they are trying to make him understand to accept their daughter but not trying to accept Valarmathi. Valarmathi father in law apologies to him and says to him Valarmathi is his daughter in law. He realizes his mistakes.

Valli thank him for saving her reputation in front of all. He asks her to thank Sandhya for it. She met him before some time. She narrates all problems to him. She pleads with him to save Valarmathi. He says to her they are old people’s. Sandhya says to him that it means he is also supporting this wrong thing. He agrees to act along with her. He says to Sivagami that she is lucky to get a daughter in law like Sandhya. If she didn’t meet him on right time then Valarmathi life would have over now. Whom wishes to see a family unity and stay with relation can able to think like this. He adds that Valarmathi is a third person to her though she helped her. He says to Saravanan that he is lucky to get a wife like this.

Groom family apologies to them and leaves. Valarmathi and groom to take their leave from there. Valli thank Sandhya for her help. She questions her Is she talked with that groom? She says to her that Valli treated her badly and spit out venom on her. But she helped her a lot. Valli says that she misunderstood her that this marriage will never happen if she is here. But this marriage happened because of her. She apologise to her. Sandhya says to her that she is aged person she shouldn’t apologies to her. She adds that Sandhya has good heart.

Valli says to Sivagami that she misunderstood her for bringing Sandhya into Saravanan life. She scolds her too but she done a good job. She chose a correct partner for Saravanan. She is correct. As a mother in law she won. She can’t able to find a good daughter in law like Sandhya in this village. Valli says that all are here but she acted smartly here. If she didn’t helped her then Valarmathi would have end up here. Valli says to her that she scold her for not learning their traditional things and household works. She even asked her to sleep in cow barn. She says that she can learn it anytime. But acting smartly according to the situation is important. Valarmathi father thank her. Sandhya says to her don’t think her as a third person. Her blessing is enough to her. Valli says her to that she is ready to give anything to her. Sandhya asks Valli to treat Man and woman equally. All are equal then why are they treating them with partiality. Valli says to her that she will never listen to anyone but Sandhya asked her to do it so she is listening her. Valli says to her that Sandhya is talking matured.

Valli asks Sandhya to stay with her one week. Saravanan thinks that Sandhya has function in college tomorrow. Valli asks Sivagami to stay here. In Sivagami house Senthil and Archana are talking with the groom family. Senthil asks her to call Priya there. Priya brings tea to all. Archana asks Priya to go inside. Groom says to her that he liked girl. Groom get a call so he leaves to attend the call. He notices Parvathy there and informs to her that she liked her a lot. Parvathy didn’t understand anything. Archana asks her mom to leave from here. She says to her that Pervathy reached back.

Episode end.