Raja Rani 6th April 2021 Written Update: Sivagami supports Sandhya

Raja Rani 6th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Parvathy reaches late to bus stand. Anu complaints to Parvathy that she is late! Anu questions Parvathy why did she planned sudden trip to Mahabalipuram? Parvathy informs to her that they went to participate in super kudumbam competition. Anu asks to her who won it? Parvathy informs to her that they won it! Anu questions her Isn’t it a big achievement then why did she hide it from her? Anu says to her that Sandhya is not favourite to her that’s why right? Parvathy searching for Vicky there. Anu teases her with Vicky name. Parvathy refuses to accept her feeling on him. Anu advises to Parvathy don’t go behind him unaware of his background. First enquire about him well then accept his love. Adhi says to Senthil its a matter of 5 lakhs. If he get that amount then he can do anything. He can buy watch, sport bike or kulumanali trip. Senthil complaints that Saravanan won it. Adhi blames him that he spoiled everything. Why didn’t he stayed with them instead of coming here? Senthil says to him that he never think Sandhya will win it. Adhi asks Senthil to share with him what will he do if he get this amount? He narrates to him about it.

Parvathy scolds Senthil for returning to home instead of staying with Saravanan. Parvathy complaints if he stay there then she would have get support from him. Senthil says to her that he knew well Parvathy is blaming Sandhya for her selfish motive. She agrees with him. Their relatives comes there to appreciates Sandhya’s victory. Parvathy starts to complaint about Sandhya to them. She narrates to them whatever happened there? She looks down on her victory. Neighbours says to her that they feel proud of Sandhya. Parvathy is provoking them against Sandhya. Sundaram and Sivagami reaches there. She enquires to neighbours what’s the matter? They blabbers everything to Sivagami. Sivagami questions them what’s their problem? Sivagami supports Sandhya. She says to them that Sandhya played honestly and won the competition. Even judges praised her infront of all. Sandhya don’t need anyone help to win the competition. Judges are not blind to select a winner randomly. She won this competition with her own talent. Sivagami asks them to send the person near her whom badmouths Sandhya. Parvathy gets nervous!

Sundaram questions Sivagami Is this Sivagami whom supporting Sandhya? Sivagami says to him that she has anger on Sandhya that’s doesn’t mean she will insult her infront of others. Its their family matters they are not allowed to poke their head in it. Still, Sandhya is her first daughter in law of this house. Sundaram thinks he can’t able to understand Sivagami at all!
Parvathy complaints that Sivagami changed out of the blue? Sandhya is thinking about Sivagami’s word. She thinks that she has no idea how to change Sivagami’s heart. She wishes to obey Sivagami and live in this house according to her wish. Saravanan comes there. He says to Sandhya that he can able to understand what’s running on her mind? He asks her to leave this matter. Saravanan congratulates Sandhya for winning the competition! Saravanan and Sandhya are spending some quality time with each other. Parvathy notices them and wishes to ruin Sandhya’s peace.

Parvathy reminds Anu’s word. She wants to check Vicky’s character and accepts his love. Parvathy calls to Vicky and asks him to meet her. He says to her let’s meet in resort. Parvathy agrees to meet him there. Sandhya hears it. She questions Parvathy who is that? Parvathy says to her stop poking her head in Parvathy’s matter. Sandhya advises to her its normal to hang around with boy friend in this age. But we wants to be careful about them. Why don’t she take her friends with her while meeting him? Parvathy complaints that Sandhya is touching her personal space. She complaints Sandhya has no rights to blame her and leaves.

Episode end.