Rajjo Weekly Update: Arjun brought Rajjo home.

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Last week, it was seen that Arjun got a piece of Kalindi’s birthday cake for Rajjo. The latter enjoyed the cake as she had never tasted it before. Arjun playfully applied some cake to Rajjo’s cheek. Rajjo tried to apply some cake on Arjun’s face as revenge.

Arjun tried to stop her. They both fell on the bed with Rajjo on the top of Arjun. Rajjo rubbed her cheek with Arjun’s cheek to apply the cake. Arjun got lost in Rajjo’s eyes for a moment till his phone’s ringtone brought him back to his senses.

Later, Puskar came upstairs to kidnap Rajjo in order to get rid of her while Arjun and his family were playing. Rajjo wasn’t able to see properly as some cake got into her eyes. She came out of the room, near the balcony, searching for the washroom.

Using this opportunity, Pushkar pushed Rajjo off the balcony. Rajjo fell down screaming, which alerted Arjun and the family. Arjun rushed to Rajjo and saved her by catching her in his arms in time. The family was shocked to see Rajjo at their house.

Rajjo’s wrist thread got stuck with Arjun’s coat’s button. Rajjo struggled to remove it. Madhu separated Rajjo and Arjun by breaking it. Madhu questioned Arjun about Rajjo. Urvashi and Madhu were astonished to learn that Arjun had been hiding Rajjo in his room all those days.

Arjun explained that he wanted to hide Rajjo only till he would find her mom, which Madhu refused to accept. Pratap said that Arjun should have informed someone in the family about Rajjo.

Puskar and Dadaji told the family that they were aware of Rajjo’s presence in their house, which enraged Madhu. The latter said that Pushkar doesn’t have any rights to decide about Arjun’s life. Being Arjun’s mother, she only had that right. Madhu questioned Rajjo’s character and insulted her. She scolded Arjun when he tried to defend Rajjo.

She urged Arjun to expel Rajjo immediately from the house. Arjun took Rajjo to a women’s hostel. The receptionist said that the room wasn’t available. Pushkar contacted that hostel’s warden and gave her some instructions to put an end to Rajjo’s chapter. The warden told Arjun that the room was available.

Arjun got suspicious of her. Arjun threatened the warden to close her hostel if she troubles Rajjo. Rajjo was touched by Arjun’s care for her. Rajjo expressed how much Arjun’s mom’s words hurt her. Arjun apologized to Rajjo for that. Arjun assured Rajjo that he wouldn’t let anything wrong happen to her.

He asked Rajjo to call him if she was in any danger. Both waved bye with a heavy heart. Later, Rajjo and Arjun sipped the tea remembering each other and missed each other. Madhu confrontrd Arjun about his changed behavior and declared that they were not good at all.

Arjun was worried about Rajjo and wanted to call the hostel to know if Rajjo had breakfast. Madhu stopped Arjun. Madhu told the family about the jagrata for the Goddess that she had planned to arganize that evening. She prohibited Arjun from going to meet Rajjo on the pretext of work.

Meanwhile, the hostel wardened told a goon to make Rajjo disappear from Lucknow as instructed by Pushkar. Here Arjun helped in Jagrata’s arrangements, but his mind was filled with Rajjo’s thoughts as he was feeling anxious about Rajjo. Meanwhile, Rajjo was waiting for Arjun’s call in the hostel.

Arjun tried to make Madhu understand the purity of his bonding with Rajjo and stated that Rajjo was his responsibility, which he needed to fulfill. However, Madhu prohibited Arjun from meeting Rajjo and worrying about her. Later, Arjun managed to call the warden and scolded her for not answering the call at the reception’s landline.

The warden gave him some excuses and assured Arjun that Rajjo had adjusted to their hostel. Arjun didn’t believe her and asked to talk to Rajjo on the video call to make sure that she was fine. The warden told Rajjo that Arjun was on call so that Arjun didn’t show up at the hostel and would spoil the plan.

But Madhu snatched Arjun’s phone before he could talk to Rajjo and disconnected the call. Later, Arjun sensed that Rajjo was in danger after seeing her phone got switched off. Meanwhile, Rajjo got attacked by two two goons who belonged human organ trafficking.
Rajjo was about to get operated. Arjun arrived there and trashed the goons and rescued Rajjo.

He noticed a bleeding cut on the belly of the unconscious Rajjo and felt guilty for leaving Rajjo alone. Meanwhile, Madhu created a scene realizing that Arjun left home by breaking his promise to her. The family was shocked when Arjun returned home, taking an unconscious Rajjo in his arms. He asked Chirag to immediately call the doctor.

Madhu questioned Arjun and asked him not to take Rajjo to his room. Arjun ignored Madhu and took her upstairs. Rajjo’s scarf fell. Manorama noticed Rajjo’s scarf. She saw Arjun taking Rajjo to his room. She was happy that she had finally found Rajjo.

Pushkar also angrily watched this. Manorama and Pushkar tried to rush to Arjun’s room and bumped into each other while climbing the steps. Both were shocked to see each other. Pushkar noticed that the Thakurs are busy discussing Arjun’s action. He took Manorama to a dark corner of the house.

Doctor treated Rajjo and said that the next 48 hours were very crucial for Rajjo. Madhu got angry when Arjun cleaned the dirt from Rajjo’s feet. Madhu urged Arjun to throw Rajjo out of the house. Arjun refused and firmly said that Rajjo wouldn’t leave the house till she gets well.

Meanwhile, Pushkar badmouthed Manorama for using Rajjo to trap Arjun for money like Manorama had trapped him years ago. Pushkar was scared of getting accused by mother-daughter duo. So he threatened Manorama to tell Rajjo about their affairs and break their bond if she didn’t follow his instructions.

Manorama begged Pushkar to keep Rajjo out of it and agreed to obey him. Here Madhu gave in to Arjun’s demand, but she refused to let Rajjo stay in Arjun’s room. Arjun agreed. Later Manorama shifted Rajjo to the storeroom which was filled with dirt and cobwebs. Pushkar told Arjun and the family that he found Rajjo’s mom and introduced her to the family.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Rajjo will renited with her mom. Rajjo will ask Pushkar to find a job for her and her mom in Lucknow. Manorama will announce Rajjo and Vicky’s marriage to Arjun.
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