Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 12th December 2020 Written Update: Ram and Dulari got married

Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 12th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Kinkshuk showing the video to Ram’s mother about Ram and Dulari’s confession about their plan of Ram pretending to be shyam, everyone gets shocked while Ram tries to explain his mother but she stopped him and scolded about not caring for his sister, she warns him not to be blind in love, Dulari tries to clearify but Ram’s mother stopped her saying not to interfere in family matter while Dulari gets sad. Ram’s mother declares that today only Ram-Koyal and Dulari-kinkshukh will gett marry, kinkshuk gets excited while Dulari gasp in shock.

Ram and Dulari gets dressed as Bride and groom, they have an emotional eyelock sitting along with Kinkshuk and koyal in the mandap, at that time patang came there wearing mask and to spray medicine to prevent corona, he scolds Menika saying she is corona positive and can infect others too, pandit tries to run away but koyal stopped him and ask to continue, patang started praying the medicine while pandit runs away getting a chance, koyal notice this and gets tensed while Dulari smiles and says that she will play mantras in her phone to complete the marriage.

They completed the marriage without seeing each other due to fog created by patang while Menika hugs koyal happily. At that time Dulari shows the video of Kinkshuk’s confession about pushing PadmaBhushan in front of Ram’s parents car and Menika being the master mind behind this, Ram’s mother gets shocked and scolds Menika asking why she did this?

To which koyal encourage Menika to tell the truth as she is now married to Ram, Menika smirked and told about her cunning plan shocking koyal that Koyal’s grandfather had named property on Koyal’s name only till her marriage and after that PadmaBhushan will get it and from him she will get it, she further says that koyal isni ready to marry anyone else rather then Ram so she planned all this, while everyone looks at her stunned.

At that time Dulari reveals her cards shocking Menika as the staff is revealed to be PadmaBhushan and with the one Dulari got married is revealed to be Ram, kinkshuk screams for help as he is tied on the chair, PadmaBhushan scolds Menika and apologised to Ram’s mother for not controlling her, Rams mother asked sorry from Dulari while Ram shouts at Menika for being so cunning and spoiling Dulari’s name.

Koyal gets shocked seeing patang on the place of her groom and balmes at Dulari for spoiling her life while Patang shouts at her and revealed that he didn’t married her as Dulari can never allow him to do anything bad to anyone.

Koyal keeps crying while Dulari tries to make her understand that Ram and she are made for each other and Ram won’t love koyal ever, koyal somehow gets convinced and thanked Dulari, while Menika fumes and goes inside.

Dulari wipes Koyal’s tears and hugs her, while they all gets happy. Patang freed kinkshuk while he cries in front of Dulari, she forwards her hand for friendship and he gets happy, koyal takes kinkshuk and leaves from there bidding bye to everyone. Afterwards Menika came along with her luggage and goes to her house with PadmaBhushan.

Ram gets romantic with Dulari and hugs her apologizing for everything while she also apologised to him and told about the book to control husband which patang had given her. Later on they celebrate their moment with eachother

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