Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 24th November 2020 Written Update: Ram and Dulari opens the secret box given by PadmaBhushan

Ram Pyaare Sirf Hamare 24th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Dulari happily serving food to Ram’s parents, Ram’s father praises her and compliments Ram and her as a couple making Dulari blush while Ram’s mother smiles, he further says that he will get fat eating her tasty foods, to which Dulari says that he will not as people always remains healthy eating home-made foods.

At that time Menika and kinshuk comes there glaring Dulari while Menika sprinkles pinch of powder in air making Ram’s father sneeze and he gets transformed into Rudra Prasad, all the ladies covered their head while he shouts at Dulari to not serve him, he further ask her to give food to her husband while Menika says Dulari won’t serve kinkshuk as she isn’t ready to leave Ram and accept kinkshuk as her husband, to which Rudra prasad orders Dulari to serve Kinkshuk and ask him to sit with them, kinkshuk passes a wicked smile and ask Dulari to make him eat, Menika smirks while Dulari gets irritated, kinkshuk further declares that he will only make her eat making Dulari shocked.

He passes a morsel to her but Ram stopped him holding his hand, Dulari gets relieved while Ram calls police inside, Menika ask about the police! To which Dulari replies that she filed a complaint about accident issue and police is here to investigate so that they can prove that Ram’s parents aren’t guilty,

Menika gets tensed hearing it while Dulari moves towards Ram’s mother and says that she knows they don’t accept her as their daughter-in-law but for her they are like her parents, later Ram ask police to start their interrogation while Inspector questions Dulari about PadmaBhushan making everyone shock.

 Inspector says that Padma Bhushan is missing from hospital and they have doubt that he has been kidnapped while Rudra Prasad sneezed and transformed into Bhadra Prasad, koyal gets stunned hearing about her brother meanwhile Menika starts crying, inspector tells that Dulari was the last person to meet PadmaBhushan making everyone shock.

Ram’s mother came to defend Dulari but Dulari confessed that she lied to them and met PadmaBhushan in name of going to temple while Menika blames and taunts her, Ram supports Dulari and tells everyone why Dulari went there! Inspector ask Dulari to come with them for interrogation while Ram says that he helped Dulari in this plan so he will also come with them to police station,

Dulari comes forward and says she haven’t done anything and ask inspector to give her 12hours to find PadmaBhushan, Ram’s father joins hand in front of inspector and supports Dulari, later inspector agreed to  give 12hours but declares that if Dulari couldn’t able to find him within the given time then she will have to go to jail. Menika says that if Dulari couldn’t find her husband then koyal will hung herself shocking everyone.

Irfan, patang along with other neighbors helps Ram-Dulari to search for PadmaBhushan while Dulari remembers about the secret box which he have given her and goes to open it along with Ram.

On the other side Menika smirks and tells koyal that she is behind all the chaos and declares that no-one can save Dulari from going to jail.

Ram and Dulari opened the secret box and found a letter in which an address is written, they reached to that place along with police and starts searching. Later Ram found PadmaBhushan sitting with bandages and everyone rushes to him, Ram ask if he is fine? to which he nods while police questions him about the letter to which PadmaBhushan denies saying that he don’t know anything about the letter and he haven’t given anything to Dulari making her shock, Ram ask why is he lying?

 While PadmaBhushan bends his head down, inspector says everything is fine as they found him and now Dulari is also proven innocent. Dulari decides that she have to find out the truth to protect Ram.

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