Roja 10th April 2021 Written Update: Manickam gets conscious

Roja 10th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja is crying thinking about Annapoorna’s word. Arjun notices her and questions her why is she crying? Good people shouldn’t cry. They don’t deserve her love at all. Roja says that Annapoorna is right, he met with accident when did he mentioned her name. Arjun says that he may didn’t noticed the vehicle and crossed the road. He is careless person. Roja asks Arjun to stop mentioning about it. She got her father after long years, so she can’t able to see him in that state. Roja says that Annapoorna is thinking bad about her. Arjun says that Anu brainwashed her that’s why Annapoorna scolding her. Arjun says to her that soon everything will be alright.

Arjun says that Roja is lucky person. Kalpana is so happy after Roja became her daughter in law. He adds that Kalpana starts to love her more after she came to know she is Shenbagam’s daughter.

Arjun questions to Roja, will she believe herself as lucky one? if she get Manickam’s recovery news from hospital. Roja nods. Doctor calls to Arjun. Roja prays for Manickam’s health. He informs to Arjun that Manickam gaining conscious. If he do like this then he will be alright soon. Arjun thank him for sharing the good news. Roja feels happy and thank doctor. Arjun says to him that Roja smiles after heard this news. Arjun asks Roja to be happy. He asks her to believe that Roja is lucky person unlike Annapoorna said. Roja says to him that she wants to give sweet to him for giving good news. Arjun says to her that he needs her kiss.

Amuthanayaki is praying to god. She checks what’s going in hospital through her mind. She sees Roja is praying to god and Manickam gaining conscious. Amuthanayaki asks her henchwoman to bring Shenbagam there. Amuthanayaki informs to her that Manickam gets conscious. He is doing well in hospital. She can leave now in south direction. Shenbagam thank god for helping her. Amuthanayaki informs to her that Shenbagam helped many poor peoples without any expectations. Those blessings will unite her with her relations. Shenbagam going in auto. All family members are standing around Manickam and watching him. Manickam tries to open his eyes. Meanwhile Roja is praying to god.

Manickam opens his eyes and staring Anu, Annapoorna. Pratap assures to Manickam that he will alright soon. Kalpana says that he didn’t done any wrong things yet. So he will be alright soon for his good heart. Annapoorna says to him that she felt heart broken seeing him in that state. If something happened to him then who is there for Anu? Annapoorna thank him for opening his eyes soon. Roja prays to god and pleads to bless her dad. She says to god that she craved for her Father and mother’s love. She prays for his health. Manickam asks Annapoorna to take care of Anu if anything happen to him. Anu pretends like crying and adds that she will die, if anything happen to him. She lossed her mother. if he too leaves her then what’s the need to live here? Roja gets happy to see him gained conscious. She places vermillion on his temple. Roja holds his hand. Manickam pushes away her hand and starts to lashes out at her.

Manickam blames Roja as the reason behind his state. Pratap asks him to calm down. Arjun asks to Manickam Is he know who is he blaming? He nods as yes. He complaints that Roja planned this accident for money. Annapoorna asks Roja to leave from here. Doctor asks Manickam to calm down. Manickam says to him that Anu is his daughter not Roja. She tried to kill him. Doctor deny it and informs to him that Roja saved him.
Episode end.