Roja 11th May 2021 Written Update: Shenbagam meets Shanthamoorthy in jail

Roja 11th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu asks Divya to kill Shanthamoorthy in jail. Divya alerts her if they do it in Arjun absence then they will doubt her. Anu says that’s not a problem she can escape from it easily. If Shanthamoorthy opens his mouth against them then she is over. She will loss many things. Roja shouts loudly. She questions her why did she trying to kill Shanthamoorthy. Anu says that he deserves to be killed reasoning he maintained that orphanage to use those money. Roja says to her that she is talking nonsense. She will be cursed if she complains him. He was the one took care of all in orphanage. She slaps her and holds Roja hand. She asks her to leave him alive.
Anu says to Roja that she will leave Shanthamoorthy alive if she leave this house. Arjun will definitely come search for her but she wants to hide from his sight. Then she wants to ask Arjun to back off from this case then Shanthamoorthy will be alive in Jail. Roja says to her that she is doing more sin. She wishes to see her leading good life. She asks her to stop those goons or else she will inform this to all.

Anu says that she don’t like to beg anyone. She will do anything to get her aim. She says to her that she will go any extreme to get it. Roja threaten her that she will inform this to Arjun if she don’t hear her words. She about to dial him Anu slaps her. Raja faints down. Chandrakatha asks the constable to take her inside the police station. Sakshi asks them to take their hand. Chandrakantha says to her that she arrested her so she will do anything. They takes her inside.

Babu says to Sakshi that he didn’t mentioned her name at all. Sakshi says to him that she knew well that he will never mention her name. Chandrakantha confess the truth to her that she knew well he won’t reveal her name. So she put FIR on her name to prevent she destroying the evidence. She may try to harm Roja too. She asks constable to push her inside the jail.

Shankaran informs to Shenbagam that he got call from Jail that many patients are suffering inside the jail. Their medicine are finished too. He asks Shenbagam to visit them along with Doctor. She nods and disconnect the call. Shenbagam reaches to jail along with Doctor. Shanthoorthy is thinking about Roja words. He feels emotional there. Shenbagam is checking Shanthamoprthy BP. Shenbagam questions him Is he taking medicine on time? His BP is normal. He enquires about her how about? She informs to him that she has partial memory loss so she forgo many persons. He narrates to her that she saw him in jail last time. She helped him to regain the conscious. She smiles to him and says that she didn’t forget the humanity. He says to her that he remind her about Roja last time. She reminds those incident too.

Shenbagam says to him that she is getting those images blurr. He asks her to help him. Shanthamoorthy says to her that Ganesh murder case coming to hearing. He wants to give statement against Priya in court. Many people are trying to save her that’s why he is still inside the jail. Arjun and Roja are trying to save him at any cost. He says to her that all are trying to kill him because court is considering his statement is more important. He asks her to record the statement before she leaving and give it to Arjun. She assures to him. She reminds little things about Roja and says to him that she is feeling unknown connection with her. She tries to meet her twice but didn’t happen. She has no idea who will get gain from this. She says to him that she will definitely meet Roja this time.

Shenbagam leaves from there. Goons notices this. Roja gets her conscious. She looks around and search for her phone there. She dials to Arjun and tries to inform him about the matter but Anu makes her unconscious. She hides Roja under the bed.

Episode end.