Roja 13th February 2021 Written Update: Roja warns Yasodha

Roja 13th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna rolling on bed in hunger. She thinks that she can’t able to sleep in empty stomach. She goes to kitchen without anyone knowledge to eat something. Balu is disturbing Yasodha and pleading with her to accompany him to kitchen reasoning he is hungry. Yasodha and Balu leaves to kitchen. Annapoorna searching inside the fridge to get something to eat. She gets scared to see someone standing in shadow.

Annapoorna gets surprise to see Pratap there. Annapoorna questions him why is he here? He lies to her that he heard rat’s sound coming from kitchen. Annapoorna replies to him that she heard it too. Yasodha and Balu comes there and thinks ghosts are there in kitchen. Annapoorna says to them its not ghost. She informs to her that she is hungry that’s why she is here to eat something. Balu is checking everywhere for food but nothing is there. Arjun switch on the light.

Arjun teases them that none is getting sleep in empty stomach it seems. Balu is ready to eat food from dustbin. Arjun informs to them that Roja is having warm heart that’s why she asks him to order food for everyone. He brought chicken biriyani for all. Balu gets excited hearing it. Kalpana comes there with food. Annapoorna questions her didn’t she sleep? She replies to her that she can’t able to sleep when Annapoorna went to bed in empty stomach. She serves to all.

Balu and Pratap starts eating it. Annapoorna hesitates to eat thinking about Anu. Arjun shows Anu to them how did she eating food alone? Arjun says she has no love on Annapoorna. Yasodha spits out the food in salt. Arjun says to her its her punishment for adding salt and chilly powder in biriyani. Roja gives the biriyani to her and advises her to stop doing wrong things.

Anu notices no one in Arjun room. Anu enquires to Annapoorna where is everyone? She replies to them that they went to temple. Perhaps they went to do puja on that property name. Annapoorna complaints that neither Kalpana nor Roja understands the value of that property.

Anu says to Annapoorna that no one in Arjun room she will go there with Yasodha and steal the property papers. Yasodha hesitates. Annapoorna sends her with Anu. Both are searching the papers. Roja reaches to home. Annapoorna asks Kalpana to take rest and literally stopping all to go upstairs. Arjun and Aswin finds it suspicious. Arjun asks Roja to check the property papers in her room.

Episode end.