Roja 16th February 2021 Written Update: Arjun praises Roja

Roja 16th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aswin tries to convince Purushothaman but he asks him to get out of the house. Aswin leaves from there disappoint. Roja is staring her photo Arjun questions her doesn’t she has fear? She replies as no. Arjun questions her what if he leaves her?

Roja replies to him that she knew well Arjun won’t leave her. She got kalpana through him. She is loving her more then her mom. She gives her land to him. She is very happy because she gonna build Ashramam for her peoples. Kalpana comes there and says to Roja that Annapoorna used to say its her house. Kalpana continuous that she don’t think like that because we are not going to take with them after they died. Aswin comes there.

Arjun questions to Aswin what happened in Pooja’s house. He replies to him that Purushothaman is not a human being. He tried a lot to convince him but he is asking about his status? He complaints that Aswin may borned in rich family but he has nothing on his name. Roja and Kalpana consoles him. Arjun assures to him that he will register all his properties on his name. Aswin deny it reasoning that he don’t wanna proves to him about his financial status and leaves from there.

Roja is thinking a way to solve this problem. Roja asks Arjun to register her property on Aswin name. Arjun asks to her why did she taking decision in hurry. Roja says to her nothing is important then her Aswin and Pooja. Arjun praises her and hugs her happily. He says that he didn’t done any good deeds though he got Roja in his life so he is very lucky.

Arjun brings Aswin to the new site. He makes him blindfold and reveals to him that surprise. Aswin gets shock to see the property is on his name now. Aswin questions Roja why is she doing this to him? Doesn’t she wish to build an ashramam for poor peoples here then why did she done like this.

Roja says to him that Purushothaman wanna know that Aswin has own property on his name. Aswin deny it. Roja says to him that he always consider her as his mom. She done it to him in his mom place. As a father Purushothaman is correct because he wishes to see Pooja is leading a safe life with him. Aswin somehow convince. Annapoorna and Anu are watching them.

Episode end.