Roja 16th July 2021 Written Update: Abu in a critical state.

Roja 16th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun and Chandrakantha rushing to check the CCTV footage to prove Roja innocent. On the other hand, Balu along with manager is deleting the footage that proves them wrong. He deletes the one from server as well as Recycle bin completely discarding all the evidence to prove Roja innocent. Arjun and Chandrakantha comes to the marriage hall and asks for CCTV footage. They enter the room to find Balu and manager.

 The manager runs away while Arjun beats Balu. He asks what he’s doing there and Balu lies that he’s there to pay the bills. Arjun doesn’t buy his reason and will lash out at him. Chandrakantha says that she’s sure that they would’ve deleted the footage but still checks it. She finds none. Arjun starts thrashing him but Chandrakantha asks him to stop as there’s no use. She says they can try to retrieve the deleted files.

At hospital, Manikkam, Annapurni and Yashoda are waiting tensed outside the OT. Anu gets operated inside the ot. Manikkam recalls Anu’s accident and how she took Roja’s name. Balu comes there and meets Yashoda. He says about Arjun finding him but he deleted the evidence. They leave to instigate Annapurni and Manikkam.

Annapurni asks Manikkam to not to worry as Anu will be back and asks him to punish Roja severely. Doctor comes after operation and gives 24 hours time for her to respond to the treatment. Annapurni takes oath that he should punish Roja this time or else it’s proven that Anu is not his daughter. Manikkam swears to destroy Arjun and Roja. Roja is crying in lock up while Arjun stays by her side.

Next day morning, Roja wakes up to find Arjun sleeping on the other side of the lock up. Roja wakes him up and asks Why’s he staying there with her. Arjun says he can’t stay away from her. Manikkam comes there and Arjun asks Why’s he here. Manikkam lashes out at Arjun for trying to save Roja who tried to kill Anu. Arjun argues back that it’s Anu who tried to kill both him and Roja and he’s misunderstanding.

 Manikkam doesn’t believe him and challenges to make Roja rot in jail and also says he applied petition against bail. Arjun challenges him back that he will rescue his wife at any cost as her love is true. They both challenge each other. Chandrakantha comes there and Manikkam argues with her too. She says about Balu deleting evidence but He doesn’t believe her. Arjun and Manikkam are at loggerheads.

Episode ends…