Roja 1st December 2020 Written Update: Arjun bring professor to teach Roja

Roja 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun saying to Roja that she wanna passed out Degree exam and become a IAS soon. So don’t dare to do such household works. His mom is there to do this all after all she is fat and healthy. Kalpana enters into their room after asking permission to them. Roja complaints to her for asking permission to her she has all rights to enter in their room.

 Kalpana pretend like respecting her a lot and ask her to drink the juice. She is mentioning her as Madam. Arjun understand that she heard everything. He apologise to her. Kalpana tear his ears and starts chasing him. Then she ask Roja to fullfill Arjun wish. She wanna say to all that her daughter in law is IAS officer.

Anu and Divya checking Shenbagam through glass. Nurse question them who are they why did they staring her in this way? Anu lied to her that they are her relation. Nurse ask them to wait outside till doctor comes and check her. Manickam and his assisstant comes there seeing him there Anu hides immediately and alert Divya too.

 Manickam asking to his assisstant about Shenbagam state. She replies to him that lady is still unconscious but surgery was success thanks to the girl whom donated the blood. Manickam waits till doctor check her up. But he is getting late so he informs to his assisstant his wife too died in an accident so he was pretty affected by this accident.

Apologise to that lady behalf of him. He is relieved because her relations came to meet her by saying he leaves from there.  Divya says to her still she is in danger. There is a chance Manickam or anyother person from her family gonna meet her. Before that she wanna do something in this case.

One professor comes to Arjun house to teach Roja. But Annapoorna and Anu stopped him entering to the house and teased his appearance. He teased Annapoorna back comparing with fictional role. Kalpana question him who is he? Why is he here? Arjun comes there and informs to all that he is here to teach Roja. Annapoorna deny it. But Arjun ask Roja to take blessings from him and start her class. Pratap too give permission to her. Arjun notice dirt in her hand so he is cleaning it. Proffessor praised his act. Annapoorna gets angry and lashes out at him. He leaves from there refuse to take class to Roja.

Arjun promise on Kalpana head that he will make Roja complete the degree. Annapoorna stare him in teasing way. Arjun calls to Pooja her father picked the call and ask him to don’t call her often he don’t wanna see her attaching with his family. Pooja comes there and scold her dad for talking like that with him. Arjun ask a help to Pooja.

Pooja reach Arjun house wearing Covid kit. Aswin staring Pooja picture in Mobile. She notice him in balcony. She calls him to tease him. She makes him tired searching for her and warns him to behave properly she is watching him. She enters into the house. Annapoorna and Anu stops her. Pooja arguing with her equally. Arjun comes there and says to them she is here to teach Roja. Annapoorna commented that Aswin is here then how can he bring young girl here?

Aswin says to her that he already love someone so nothing will go wrong. Arjun gives assurance to her he only need Roja no one else. Remaining Pratap is here he got aged already so nothing to worry. Annapoorna has no words to say. Arjun Takes Roja and Pooja upstairs.

Annapoorna complaints to Pratap that none listening her words. They are coming and going in their wish. Anu coming to upstairs to bring tea for them. Roja doubts the teacher and removes the sheild. Seeing Pooja Roja smiled but Anu gets surprised.

Episode end.