Bharathi kannamma 1st December 2020 Written Update: Bharathi proposing Venba to marry him

Bharathi kannamma 1st December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kannamma joins her hands infront of Bharathi and ask him to save her child. Bharathi staring her hesitately. Kannamma didn’t think twice fall on his feet and crying infront of him to save her baby. Two doctors checked her but none ready to rescue her baby. She is in critical situation so save her at any cost not carrying any baggage on her..forget all anger and save her.

 Bharathi staring her in pity way and sats to her that he never shows his personal reasons in his duty. He never learned to show his personal vengence in his treatment. He will treat the one whom even tries to kill him also so nothing to worry he will save her baby by saying he goes in.

Kannamma gets up and cries. Bharathi wears the operation gown and gloves. He is ready to do the operation. He says to that baby he was the one bring her out of the world and done operation to her mom so he will never allow her to die and will save her. He starts the operation with the help of others doctors. Varun comes there and brings water to her. She drinks it. Kannamma and Varun waiting outside tensed.

 Varun consoling Kannamma. Bharathi trying his best to do the operation well. He done it finally and informs to the other doctors she is safe. Operation is successfull. Nurse comes out and informs to Kannamma that baby is out of danger nothing to worry. Kannamma feels happy. Nurse ask her to buy the medicines and fill the form. Varun moves to do it behalf of her.

Bharathi comes out. Kannamma fall on his feet and joins her hand infront of him. She says to him she was so happy and thankful towards him for saving her child forgetting the anger on her. Whatever he done to her and the misunderstanding between us is one side. But today he turns to be a god to her for saving her baby. She never forget this help of him.

Bharathi says to her that he was always like that only. How much we spend time together and he loved her. He wished to spend his whole life with her but her single mistake separate her from him. If she didn’t done that mistake then she will be remain his wife and love of life. She spoiled everything. He notice Varun there and gets angry. He comes near Kannamma. He ask to her so still she is roaming with him?

 Nurse informs to Kannamma that her bill paid abd husband Varun  signed the paper. Kannamma and Bharathi gets surprise at same time. Bharathi blames her for not changing yet? Kannamma ask him to stop blaming her. Varun to says to him that he was misunderstand him. Bharathi hold his collar in anger and says to him that he was the soul reason for everything by saying this he pushed him away and leaves.

Venba pacing the room tensedly. She doubts why did Bharathi ask her to meet him soon urgently.  Bharathi reach there she offers coffee to him. He start a conversation with her straightly without dragging anything. He propose her to marry him. Venba gets surprised.

 Bharathi says to her that he know well she may surprised by his sudden question but he has no option left. He wanna marry her as soon as possible to get rid of Kannamma from his life. Venba agree to it. He ask her to get ready he will marry her secretly while his mom going to Hyderabad.

She hugs him and bids bye to him. Venba starts to dance in happiness.

Soundarya and Venu asking Akhil and Arivu to take care of Hema well till she return from hyderabad. She ask about Bharathi. He comes there on time. She informs to him the same he ask her to go safely. He feels guilty for gonna marry Venba secretly like before orelse they will force him to live with Kannamma.

Episode end.