Roja 1st March 2021 Written Update: Pooja slaps Aswin

Roja 1st March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says that everyone tries to kick out Roja. If Kalpana gets well and eat normally after sending her out, he is ready to kick her out. But he will also leave with her reasoning Kalpana has everyone but Roja has only him. Arjun says decision is in her hand. Kalpana replies she don’t want to see anyone going out. Already she lost her one son she won’t lost her another son too.

Naveen asks Aswin to think once again. He tries to convinces him that Arjun and Roja are good persons. Something wrong happened inbetween he asks him to go back to his house for Kalpana. Aswin says that he left the house in anger if he is bothering him he will leave this place too. Naveen leaves to buy food for him. Pooja comes there with food. She hugs Aswin. Pooja questions him why is he here? Aswin replies to her that everyone cheated him. He can’t able to tolerate the words from her father. He appologizes to her for making her crying.

Pooja replies to him its her father mistakes. He shouldn’t question about Aswin wealth? She only loves him not his money. She praises his character and encouraging him. Aswin replies to her don’t trust anyone. They will cheat all. Aswin shares to Pooja that Arjun has his own identity but he has nothing in his hand. He worked hard for his company but there is no use of it. Aswin asks Pooja to forget him and lead a new life.

Pooja slaps Aswin and questions him where will she go? She asks to him what will she do with this nuptial chain? Aswin tries to consoles her. Registar thinking about Arjun words. Sakshi and Anu comes there. Registar questions them why didn’t she informed to him before itself that Arjun is Roja’s husband. He says to them clearly that he going to cancel the registration. He replies to her that he can’t able to go against Arjun because he has video proof against him. Sakshi and Anu threatening him that she too has the video proof against him. She will change his destiny. Anu is mocking him. Anu says to him that cctv is not working here. But she has evidence in her. He agrees to help them.

Goons are drinking together. They are discussing about the land. Chandrakantha, Arjun and the peon comes there. He points out at the goons to them. Chandrakantha notices him. Chandrakantha asks Arjun to be safe she will handle them. Arjun replies to her that he ruins his family so he wants to deal with him. Chandrakantha starts a conversation with Maari. She starts beating him but goons surrounds her. Arjun helps her. He starts questioning him. Chandrakantha asks him to bring him to her place.

Roja is laying on bed. She is feeling cold so she covers herself in blanket. Arjun notices that she has fever. He enquires to her Is she take medicine or food on time? He scolds her for staying adamant like Kalpana. He assures to Roja everything will be alright. Roja questions him did he eat anything? He lies as yes. Roja says to him that he is also suffering like her. Arjun informs to Roja that they arrested Mari whom pretends like Peon in register office. Roja stares him in happiness.

Episode end.