Karan V Grover is surely a reason of the increasing temperature

Anything new on the cards for KVG?

Television lately has adopted so many Karans in its kitty bag. Not that we are complaining in any way but too much of talent, good looks, hotness, charm, appeal is surely injurious to the health specially the heart of fangirls. Like how can one ignore the obvious charm that they bring on screen be it through a show on TV or mobile via a post on their social media account. They surely know their game right and this proves once again when one of the most charming, handsome, droolworthy Karan of ITV, Karan V Grover almost made all his fangirls skip a heartbeat with his latest IG post.

Karan V Grover is a popular household name among the fans of Indian television. He is always appreciated for his craft and his interest and knowledge in various topics of life. Not only the actor is very much interactive with his fans and he often takes out time from his schedule to have some chit chat or a live session with his fans. No wonder that he is a favourite of many. Well the actor was last seen in “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” as Dr. Rohit Sippy which went off air on 14th March, 2020. Since then his fans are eagerly waiting to see him back on the small screen again with another rocking character and a good show. Well, with so many actors making their comeback on TV post COVID situation, we were also waiting for a green signal from this handsome bachelor of television.

Well in his last live chat with fans on the occasion of Valentines day, he did drop a small hint for his fans that he can make a comeback soon on screen but he is unable to reveal any details or information about the possible project. Not only that when a fan asked him not to chop his hair, he replied he will have to do it soon because maybe he will be needing short hair for the character. Well, the actor shared a tiny clip of him in a suited rough look and that is enough to make his fans go ‘U la la.’ The video is surely making a lot of people curious about his comeback with any new series however, there is no such confirmation from the actor regarding the same. Hence as of now, along with all let us drool at the beautiful sight of his face being sun kissed. The actor also comes up with brand new episodes of his youtube series “Shitty Ideas Trending”. Well, along with his fans even we are waiting to hear some good news from him soon. Hope the actor puts a full stop to our hopes and expectations soon with an announcement, till then let him post something for us so that we can blame it for the rising temperature in the city. For more updates about your favourite show, keep watching this space and watch the video on this link https://www.instagram.com/p/CL3y2VGg0Ma/?igshid=1by5pjwdf70px