Roja 21st October 2020 Written Update: Roja slapped Anu

Roja 21st October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun warning to all he is standing silent here for sake of his mom face. Don’t make him take extreme step to stop Annapoorna. She complaints to Kalpana he is not respecting elders at all. He lower his voice and says to Annapoorna that she is elder of the house here Roja cooked this Athirasam and worshipped in temple to get a baby why don’t you bless her instead of arguing with her.

Annapoorna replies in sarcasm now only he got to know she is elder of the house. Yasodha complaints now a days Arjun doing too much with everyone. This Roja is an bad luck to us everyone badmouth on us when they got to know she came here as a contract wife. Balu also added that he couldn’t face all because of their gossipping. Its an shame to our family. Arjun says to him does he even know what shame is?

After sending his own parents into homage he settled in wife house not even going to job. These people already gossipping about it everywhere and commenting Balu is a jobless person eating in wife house. Where was his face on that time? Annapoorna says to him whatever he says she can’t able to accept Roja in the house and she won’t eat the prasadam.

Kalpana replies to her she blessed her when she done this pooja then why did she hesitating to bless Roja now. She wanna see ber grand kid. Annapoorna replies to her that Roja is a contract wife she will elope from here any time if she gives a birth to a baby it will also elope. Arjun shouts grandma.

She ask him to lower his voice. She announce to them she don’t wanna see a grand kid from her its her prestige problem she don’t have the status to carry our family grand kid. Whom know about her status. Roja plead to her to eat it she pushed that plate away. All sweets fell down. Arjun says to her she won’t eat so he ask Kalpana to eat it. When she gonna eat it Annapoorna stops her and ordered to don’t eat.

Kalpana stare Pratap. She says to Kalpana he won’t eat it because of her upbringing unlike hers. Kalpana replies to Annapoorna that she is not eating it in the fear, but the rituals is elders should eat it first. How could she curse him? Annapoorna saw her grandkids how about Kalpana? Doesn’t she wish to see her grandkids why are you cursing them?

Annapoorna replies to her that she is not cursing them to give birth. Even she wanna see Arjun baby but not Roja. She will definitely elope from here one day after that we will get him marry another one. Arjun replies to her not only this birth but also 7 births Roja will be his wife. Aswin comes down and ask to them what’s going on there?.

Arjun narrates everything to him. Aswin mocks Annapoorna and eat the prasad praising her cooking. Annapoorna complaints to Kalpana about her upbringing. Arjun supports Aswin. Suddenly Aswin faints down bleeding from mouth. Arjun carry him to hospital and admitted him there. Doctors are checking him. Roja praying to god. Anu blames Roja for Aswin state she gives an statement that Roja poisoned him. She and Arjun wanna rule this house after killing everyone here so she mixed poison in the sweet by saying she brings the sanitizer bottle there. Frustrated Roja slapped Anu for lying.