Chithi 21st October 2020 Written Update: Yazhini and Kavin’s wedding card burns up

Chithi 21st October 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kavin telling they won the competition and asking Mallika if she is happy. The latter glares at him. When Kavin gets up to leave, she stops him asking to take Yazhini to her room. Mallika tells Dharma that Kavin has changed. Dharma supports Kavin saying he participated with Venba to save the company reputation. Mallika asks Dharm how he allowed Venba to participate with Kavin. Dharma says Yazhini decided it and asked Venba to participate in the competition. Mallika says she can never accept Venba as her brand ambassador. Mallika says that Kavin, Yazhini marriage should happen as soon as possible and also Venba’s death.

Kavin takes Yazhini to her room and gives balm to apply on her leg. Kavin notices his mom on the doorstep and takes the balm and massages Yazhini’s ankle. Yazhini looks at Kavin with love-filled eyes while Mallika gets happy. Yazhini also notices Mallika and stops kavin. She cries once Kavin left saying he was caring for her as Mallika was observing her, but he cares a lot for Venba and cries saying she can’t bear it.

Venba looks at Kavin’s photo on her phone and recalls Kavin saying he can’t bear if something happen to Venba and then she reacalls their marriage. She looks at her thali. Otherside Yazhini is thinking about Kavin caring for Venba. The latter says kavin loves her a lot, but she can’t accept it. Even Sevandhi keeps telling that she loves him and asks to accept it, but she never thought about it. Yazhini says how Kavin can behave like this with her after their engagement. She is afraid of going away from him. She respects Kavin and his friendship with Venba, but if he crosses the friendship limit with Venba she can’t take it and she will die.

Venba says Saradha has sacrificed her life for her but she is hiding the truth from Saradha and asks if this kind of cheating is called love. She says she neither love him nor hate him but she likes. He may thinks she is mad, but she doesn’t have any explanation for this. Yazhini tells she loves him a lot. Venba says she understands his love for her but she can’t love him back as it will affect her family. Yazhini cries begging for Kavin’s love and says she can’t live without his love.

Shanmugam wakes up from sleep and sees Saradha sitting lost in her thoughts and questions her about the same. Saradha tells Shanmugam that Mallika tried to kill Venba two times, but she saved her which shocks Shanmugam. She says Mallika wants to take revenge on venba. She saved Venba this time, but she can’t be running like this the whole life. Saradha says she feels that Venba should leave the job. She says Venba doesn’t know that Mallika wants to kill her nor Kavin, who cares lot for Venba.

Shanmugam asks to reveal the truth to Kavin, but Saradha says if Kavin comes to know about, he will ask and fight with his mom, and then Mallika without any fear will come with gun and shoot Venba. Shanmugam says Venba should leave the job as they got the required money to build their dream house from Sargunam so there’s no need for Venba to go to work.

Mallika asks Kavin, Yazhini to choose wedding and reception card design. Kavin looks uninterested while Yazhini shows him different designs and asks which one he likes. He tells Venba lost in his thoughts then comes to reality and changes as Venba has the good taste to select cards. Mallika asks Kavin to choose a card design leaving Venba.

Dharma returns home after seeing Gowri at the hospital. Kavin tells to Mallika they can postpone the marraige till Gowri gets well. Yazhini says that Guruji has told that if the marriage and engagement don’t happen on the fixed date it will never happen. Mallika agrees with Yazhini, but Dharma supports Kavin’s opinion. Mallika firmly says there won’t be any change in the marriage date.

Saradha had a dream in which she saw the Sithar who once prophesied that she will meet her lost daughter. She cries in front of God telling that Sithar told her that she will unite with her daughter but it didn’t happen till now. She prays for her daughter’s safety.

Mallika shows the printed wedding card to Yazhini, who gets happy. She gives it to Kavin. The latter sees Venba’s photo instead of Yazhini’s in the card and smiles. Mallika stops Kavin, who is about to go to the office, saying they have to go to the temple. She asks to give first priority to Yazhini. They have to place the first invitation before God then only they can distribute invitations to the relatives.

Mallika, Dharma, Kavin and Yazhini go to the temple. Kavin helps Yazhini to walk and asks to be more careful till she gets well. Yazhini expresses to Kavin that she feels happy when he cares for her. They go and buy garland. Mallika, Dharma, Kavin and Yazhini give the first invitation placing on a plate with fruits and garland to the priest to do the puja. While the priest do the deebaaraatanei to the Goddess, a fire drop falls on the invitation and the invitation starts burning.

Mallika and Yazhini gets shocked. Mallika scolds the priest for being careless. The priest says Goddess wants to convey a meesage to them by burning the invitation and says there are some obstacles to this marriage and asks to listen to Goddess. Mallika says the marriage will happen and no one can stop it.

A man who watches everything suggests Mallika, Yazhini to meet the Sithar and tells their problems, if they are lucky, he will talk to them and will give solutions for their problems. Dharma tries to persuade Mallika to leave the place.

The episode ends