Roja 24th September 2020 Written Update: Arjun taking Roja to hospital

Roja 24th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Anu informing to Sakshi that Arjun didn’t hide the orginal report in their house but somewhere else . Sakshi says to her she guessed it because he is Arjun . Anu narrates to her how did Arjun pranked her with skeleton. Sakshi asked her to find out the place where Arjun kept the orginal report.

Roja is busy in peeling Apple Aswin comes there and check whether someone is noticing him or not to start a conversation with her Anu noticed him from upstairs . Aswin start a conversation with her and ask her to talk with everyone about his marriage with Pooja.

 Roja says let’s see . Aswin ask to her what did Pooja said to her about him ? She askef him back who is Pooja ? He replies don’t tease him and force her to tell it . She replies to him she didn’t utter anything about him at all. He again ask her to talk about his marriage topic with everyone there Roja says its so tough to being with lovers they will torture us by saying she cuts her finger little.

Aswin shouts . Arjun whom noticing them pushed Anu aside and ran down to check Roja. He created a scene there holding her finger . She kept tell him its just a small wound but he called everyone there even Kalpana tensed to see her bleeding . He carried her in his arms and rushed to hospital. Everyone says he is doing too much for a small cut in her hand . Aswin mock Anu that she missed an caring husband like Arjun in her life and behind him for money.

Arjun takes Roja to hospital and wait outside of doctor room. Shenbagam is also there but they didn’t notice her when they enter inside the room she crossed them without noticing . Doctor check Roja and says its an small wound. Roja replies she knew it too but Arjun creating a scene here and not listening to her words.

 Doctor praise Arjun care . She says all ladies complaining to her that their husband not take caring on them , and concentrating on work but Arjun is a famous lawyer though he take caring of you well so she is so luck to get a husband like him. Roja smiles in return but Arjun keep ask to doctor Is this wound get septic. She says nothing to worry go and dressed the wound.

When nurse dressing her wounds Shenbagam sees her she remind her and about to go near her one delivary patient comes she goes behind her . Arjun and Roja leaves the hospital , Shenbagam follow them but missed .

Naveen calls to Arjun and inform to him that report is safe in locker . Arjun asked him to reduce his voice orelse someone will hear him out. He says proudly none will hear it he is way too smart no one can cheat him. But Sakshi evesdrops it all .

She asked Anu to meet her out immediately in jim . She advise her to join there . Sakshi informed to her that Arjun kept the reports in his jim locker . She enquired in bank he has no locker there and followed him all the way last 4 days and finally found out it today. She ask her to take it soon.