Roja 29th January 2021 Written Update: Shenbagam learned from Saint she has a husband and kids

Roja 29th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kalpana ask Annapoorna to go alone she will join later by saying she runs in. She goes in. Annapoorna question her about what did she asked to get angry this much. Arjun and Roja go to convince her. Annapoorna blames Pooja for it. Arjun question Kalpana why did she came in? She replies to him if she didn’f get angry there then she will never allow Pooja come there. She ask him to bring them to temple and ask Aswin and Pooja to pray to god together that’s enough to her. She will stay in house and cook sweet for all. Arjun inform Annapoorna that she is disappointed with her word.

Annapoorna reached temple along with his family. Aswin staring Pooja and stand beside her reasoning over sunlight. Anu glares him. Temple priest question Annapoorna did Aswin got married? They didn’t invite them or do pooja to god. Pratap replies he didn’t married yet how will she allow it without coming here. He says that he saw him with this girl that’s why. He replies she is Arjun assisstant just came here to join the function.

Shenbagam waiting to see saint. She says to her that she is waiting for her she called her here. Fate is bringing her here. She knew well why did she came here soon everything will happen favourable to her. Shenbagam cries and says she wanna know about her identity. When will she meet her relations? She hides Shenbagam from goons without her knowledge. She ask her to be careful.

Aswin bring Pooja to banana garden he says its too risky to meet his wife in alone. He placed vermillion on her temple. Anu see it.
He placed Rose in her head. Arjun and Roja talking each other. Anu question him why did he placing vermillon and flower to Pooja? Arjun says that priest ask him to do like with his wife but he forget so he filled vermillion on Roja forehead and praise her beauty.

Roja advise to her don’t build castle in air she can’t able to marry him. Arjun added she is not wishing to marry him in love on him but for money.
Shenbagam staring the saint she gives an nuptial chain taken from idol. She ask her to keep it. Shenbagam says she don’t know whether she deserve it. Saint informs to her she has husband and kids too.

Saint ask her to tie it around her neck. She tied it. Saint placed vermillion on her nuptial chain. She ask sumangali to do the same. She blessed her. Shenbagam says that she came here without knowing anything. She replies she is gonna get her relatives soon. One soul is waiting to call her as mom. Anu ask Muthu to kill Roja in temple. He assures to her.

Episode end.