Roja 2nd February 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Aswin fighting with Muthu

Roja 2nd February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kalpana thank those ladies and sending off them but suddenly they got disappeard from there. Kalpana got shock and realize god came to rescue her. Kalpana says to Pooja even god blessed her so she don’t care about anyone she is her daughter in law.

Next day Arjun, Roja and Aswin, Pooja reach temple and watching the puliyattam. Anu ask Muthu to finish Arjun he informs to her that he gonna finish him along with puliyattam team. Roja, Pooja are dancing with Arjun and Aswin along with the puliyattam teams. Muthu painted like them and mingle with them to kill Roja. He wish to kill her today. Some puli are dashing the girls. Arjun and Aswin notice this and push the girls to side for their safety.

Then both starts beating the goons whom disguised as puliyattam teams. Pooja is thorougly enjoying it but Roja worriedly staring Arjun. Even original puliyattam teams are encouraging Arjun for insulting their dance by disguising like them. Roja too starts enjoying wuth them. Muthu jumps infront of Arjun he shows black and blue to them. Roja and Pooja happily goes near them.

Annapoorna, Anu and Yasodha comes to the temple. Priest question Annapoorna where is her daughter in law and her grand kids? She replies to him that she doubt whether her daughter in law come here or not? Because she prepared sweets for god but its all ruined. She thoughts its as bad omen so she won’t come. They didn’t disturb her not to hurt her and came here to worship god and decide to go back to home. Priest informs to her that sweets reached here morning itself. Arjun and Aswin brought it here he pointed the sweet to them which placed under the god feet. That’s why he asked for her. Annapoorna and Anu staring it hell shocked.

Annapoorna and Anu doubts how did sweet came here? They ruined all sweets yesterday? Anu says she done it and poured soil on it too. Roja and Arjun listen it. They got shocked to see them there. Anu pretend like smiling. Arjun inform to her that he heard everything already. Arjun says doesn’t she done sin. Roja says if she do like this then how will she get married. Annapoorna scold Roja so Aswin question her why don’t she punish Anu for her mistake instead of showing partiality. Annapoorna question him did he saw Anu doing this all? Arjun replies if he see it then he would have fried her in oil. He knew well Anu planned to push Roja in fire. He is keeping quiet for Kalpana and the pooja wanna end well. Kalpana comes there they go to temple avoide fighting.

Annapoorna and family praying to god. Kalpana gives two necklace to priest and ask him to place it under god feet and return it to her. After get blessing Kalpana makes Roja wear the necklace and moves near Anu. She is happily staring her. But Kalpana cross her and go near Pooja.

Episode end