Roja 8th January 2021 Written Update: Anu framed Kalpana

Roja 8th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Annapoorna saying to Kalpana that Arjun used to talk much because he is a lawyer. He might speak with though he likes our family a lot. But after Roja came to this house he forgot all and only listening to her words. Anu is eavesdropping it. She is planning to create a big issue there to stop Arjun from investigating more on the case. She notices Yasodha there and question her what’s she doing here? Balu informs her they are also eavesdropping on their conversation. Yasodha added that she used to eavesdrop now she is not getting time to sleep without listening to it.

Kalpana asks Annapoorna to eat the idli. She refuses to take. She asks her to eat before taking medicine. She asks her to bring milk. Anu comes there and says to her she is not taking care of her health she might eat well. She says to her that she will prepare soup for her. Annapoorna question her did she know to cook it? She replies as yes. Kalpana assures to her she will help her.

Annapoorna and Kalpana leave from there. Anu about to go Yasodha stop her and questioning her why did she doing this all? She replies to her everything has a reason behind it. She asks Yasodha and Balu to help her out by nodding their head to all. Anu asks Yasodha to bring Tulasi to her. They leave to bring it. Kalpana comes there and asks Anu Is she need any help? She refused it.

Kalpana leaves from there. She pours oil into the pan Yasodha and Balu are watching her. She applied the paste to her hand and shouts as her hand burned. Annapoorna and Kalpana rush there. Anu informs Annapoorna that Kalpana questioned her how dare she to mention Roja as a fraud by saying this Kalpana poured hot oil on her hand. This Yasodha and Balu stare it. They nod as yes.

Kalpana denies it and trying to explain it. Anu keeps blaming Kalpana. Annapoorna supports Kalpana because she will never do it. Anu cries more and makes Yasodha supporting her. Kalpana slapped Yasodha in anger. Arjun and Roja come there and listening to this all. Kalpana hugs her and crying. Arjun listened to all and blames Kalpana for doing domestic violence. He is narrating to her what punishment she gets for it. Arjun calls Chandrakantha and ask her to bring the doctor too to check Anu. Hearing it Anu pleading to Arjun to leave this matter but he didn’t. Chandrakantha came there with cops and checking Anu

Episode end.