Roja: Who coming to bring this gift for Roja?

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Sun tv fame Roja serial never fail to entertain its audience since the first day, is now gearing up for further drama.

The story of this show revolves around Arjun and his family then Anu whom entered into their house as shenbakam daughter . Now they are focusing on Roja and Arjun Thala pongal function. Shenbagam trying to meet Roja. Anu planning to kill Shenbagam

In the latest episode Kalpana requesting to Annapoorna to celebrate Arjun and Roja Thala pongal. Annapoorna insult her by saying she is an orphan she don’t have anyone to gift her from mother side. Shenbagam leaves from hospital to meet Roja and get back with her family. Arjun support Roja and lashes out at Annapoorna he challenge her that Roja mom will gift her for pongal.

In the upcoming episode Annapoorna teasing Roja by saying did Anu see whom coming to bring gift for Roja from her mother side? Roja crying infront of god and saying to god that Arjun said like that to console her. Flower fell down from god frame. One van comes there someone gets down from it.

What will happen next? Will Roja can able to get her rights in the house or Anu will snatch it from her? Upcoming episode will answer to our all question stay tuned with our space for more updates