Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 15th January 2021 Written Update: Anant chooses Gehna’s cake

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna gives the cake Alka she made for Anant. Anant’s birthday party begins. When Piyush, Sanchi asked him about the surprise, he replies saying he liked it. Jamuna says she is so happy because after many years they are celebrating his birthday together. Anant’s friend asks Anant about his wife. Anant says she must be busy with the work.

Gehna thinks because of her last time he embarrassed in the party so this time she won’t join them but just hopes her cake can bring smile on his face. Kanak and Anant notices Radhika and Gehna’s cake. Kanak asks Anant to cut the cake. She tells Radhika that he will cut her cake only. But Anant cuts Gehna’s cake which shocks Radhika and Kanak. Gehna gets happy seeing him cutting her cake. Jamuna blesses Anant. Kanak tells Alka to distribute cake to guests. Praful tells Paresh that it’s Anant’s birthday party but Gehna is not here so he will bring her.

Paresh stops him saying she is hurt because of yesterday’s incident so he bring her here forcefully then she will feel uncomfortable here. Praful says Gehna did nothing intentionally so how can he leave her alone. Paresh says for Anant, Gehna is here that’s why he cut her cake. Radhika overhears their conversation and gets angry. She feels bad when heard that guests liked Gehna’s cake not hers and leaves from there. Kanak follows her.

Radhika asks why Kanak lied to her saying that Anant still loves her. She says she already accepted that he doesn’t love her anymore but because of Kanak’s lie she came here and faced humiliation but she won’t repeat this mistake again and was about to leave from there. Kanak says Anant loves her only. Radhika says Anant didn’t even respect her cake then why will he respect her and her love.

Kanak says Gehna is Anant’s responsibility that’s why he cut her cake but he loves Radhika only. Anant applies ointment on Gehna’s wound and thanks her for the cake saying it was delicious but his name spelling was wrong. She says she will learn it. He says yesterday whatever happened was just an accident and it wasn’t her mistake but he yelled her unnecessarily and apologize to her. She says she didn’t felt bad and says she is responsible for yesterday’s accident. He asks her to join the party. She says she doesn’t want him to embarrass because of her like last time. Kanak says Radhika can’t leave Anant. Anant says his wife should attend his birthday party.

Radhika gives sorry card to Gehna. Kanak says they should play game. Radhika suggests truth or dare game and they starts playing. Kanak says Radhika should sing a song for birthday boy to complete her dare. Radhika sings a song and also dances with him. Radhika says Gehna has to prove that how much she knows Anant and asks his favorite things but Gehna’s all answers are wrong. Radhika asks Anant that whom he loves the most.

Episode ends.

Precap – Radhika asks Gehna to return Anant to her.

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