Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 19th November 2020 Written Update: Anant tells Gopi about his first love

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 19th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tiya arrives to Desai mansion. Praful, Jamuna gets happy seeing her. Kanak thinks already so many people is here now this Praful’s favorite daughter is also came and wonders what she is going to do now. Tiya calls Gehna. Gehna thinks for a moment and runs towards her and they hugs each other.

Then Tiya moves towards Anant and hugs him then she takes blessings from her parents. Praful introduces her to Kokila and her family. Tiya meets her family and apologize to them for coming late saying she had important project to complete but now she is here to celebrate dandiya night. Jamuna asks about Hiral. Tiya says she is outside because they didn’t had cash to pay for taxi.

Anant goes out to take Hiral. Hema taunts saying now they doesn’t have money to pay for taxi also. Anant helps Hiral’s daughter to walk and she tells him that she missed him so much. Gehna asks didn’t she missed her. She says she used to give her chocolates daily so of course she missed her too. Hiral and her husband enters the mansion with Tiya. They meets Desai and Modi family. Praful, Jamuna gets happy seeing their grandchild Tanu. Jamuna asks her son in law Dheeraj about their journey.

.Hiral says their car become old that’s why they came from taxi so they faced lot of troubles too. Chetan tells Hema that he is sure that Hiral won’t leave this house without taking new car from them. Jamuna says she has one lehenga with her and going to gift it to someone now. She comes back with that lehenga. Kanak and Hema expects they will get that lehenga. Hiral tells her husband that mother gives these kind of gifts to her daughter only and gets excited. But Jamuna gives that lehenga to Gehna.

Kokila, Gopi, Anant and Tiya smiles looking at that. Jamuna tells Gehna to wear this for tonight’s dandiya celebration and this dress will suit her a lot. Gehna hesitate to take it from her. Tiya says Gehna deserves this gift saying she is the one who does all the works here. Kokila tells her to accept it saying it’s God’s blessing also. Gehna tells Gopi and Anant that now they has God’s blessing with them so they will win tonight. Later she informs Gopi kaka that she got lehenga as God’s blessing.She asks him what he will wear for tonight.

Before he replies her he gets call from Gopi and gets to know that she is sending dress for him to wear for dandiya. Gopi asks why Anant staring her like this. He says Gopi kaka never listens anyone but he listens her always even though she meets him in disguised form and asks if it’s not love then what is love.She says it’s not matter she still loves Ahem or not but she has just memories with her and her present is Jaggy. He says Ahem was her first love and it’s impossible to forget first love in 5years.She says Ahem is her beautiful past and Jaggy is her present and future.

He says he can’t become like her. She says he is in love and got his first love. He asks how she knows that. She says she can see that glow in his eyes. He confesses about his first love to her and says she smiles always and always supports everyone wholeheartedly. Gehna comes there and gives Gopi’s lehenga to her which she stitched for her. Gopi gets happy seeing that and says it looks exactly same. Later Gehna and Gopi helps each other to get ready. Kanak waits for Jaggy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jaggy reaches Dandiya venue and shocks seeing something.

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