Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 20th November 2020 Written Update: Ahem arrives to Dandiya venue

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 20th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kanak mocks Hiral saying she is wearing the same lehenga today which she wore last year. Hiral says she is wearing it first time. But Hema denies her saying she even posted pic in her social media account and was about to show it to her but Hiral leaves from there.

Gehna was praying to God and notices that Piyush, Sanchi staring the sweets. She goes to them and says these sweets will be so delicious and stops them when they tried to take those sweets saying after pooja only they will get these sweets. Sagar looks at Gehna and thinks today no one can save her from him. She realises that he is staring her and feels uncomfortable and prays to God to protect her from that evil person.

He was about to throw rose at her but rose thorn pricked him and he leaves from there. She gets relieved. Kanak gets message from Jaggy and feels happy that he will be here soon and was about to fall because she didn’t notice the staircase. Before she falls down Kokila saves her by holding her but her mobile slips from her hand.

Kokila tells her to walk carefully because this time it was just mobile what if something happens to humans because of her carelessness. Kanak says even if Kokila didn’t hold her she would not have fall down still if she thinks she saved her then thanks to her.

Kokila says she doesn’t need her thanks if she feels she didn’t help her then. Kokila notices the decorations and recalls Ahem and Gopi’s dandiya night. She praises Anant saying decorations looks exactly same like past. He says today their plan will work and she will get her Ahem. Gehna comes there and shows Gopi to Kokila. Kokila gets emotional seeing Gopi and cries. Gehna says she will bring Gopi kaka and leaves from there.

Hema tells Kanak that on retirement party Gehna become hero seems like today Gopi will become hero. Kanak says in front of her plan they are nothing and today drama will happen for sure. Guruji says let’s complete the pooja first then begins dandiya. Gehna asks Gopi kaka that he got ready also then why he doesn’t want to attend dandiya night.

He says he doesn’t feel to attend that’s it. She asks how can she go without him. Guruji starts the pooja. Kokila, Gopi and Anant waits for Ahem. Anant comes in front of Gopi kaka in disguised form and introduces himself as Gopi’s brother and she fainted in dandiya venue also before fainting she took his name only. Gopi kaka runs from there.

Gehna was about to follow him but Anant stops her and reveals himself to her. She gets surprised seeing Anant there. He says let’s Ahem go first, they should not follow him now. Kokila prays to God to unite her with her son today. Gopi feels like Ahem is there and smiles seeing him. Kanak says hero Number 1 is here. Urmila sees Ahem and thinks he is Jaggy but Kokila tells the truth to her and Hetal. Anant and Gehna smiles seeing Ahem and Gopi. Guruji says today two people will reunite and they won’t separate from each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gopi runs towards Ahem. Anant holds Gehna’s hand in excitement.

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