Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 26th November 2020 Written Update: Sagar apologize to Gehna

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 26th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Hema blackmails saying she will take her kids also while leaving the house so they can stop her. As expected Jamuna stops her and she runs towards her and says she knows that she would stop her. Jamuna says she can’t stop anyone if one wants to leave the house, she is just saving the house from breaking apart which she and Praful build with so much effort.

She tells Gehna that she doesn’t want her family to break because of one person’s mistake by looking at Sagar and apologize to Gehna. Gehna says Jamuna need not to do this saying she can’t see her like this. She stands in front of Anant and says she can’t see Praful, Jamuna crying and tells him to not to anything which breaks them.

She says Hema also need not to leave the house. Praful looks at Sagar and says it’s his last warning for everyone saying if anyone tried to trouble Gehna or mistreat her he won’t leave that person and was about to move from there but stops hearing Anant. Anant orders Sagar to apologize to Gehna. Sagar opposes that and looks at Hema. Kanak tells Sagar to do what Anant said. Sagar says sorry to Gehna.

Anant tells him to apologize to her by touching her feet not like this. Kanak and Hema looks at Anant. Sagar gets angry hearing him. Praful says daughters are like God and tells Sagar to apologize to Gehna. Hema signals Sagar to do it. Gehna trembles knowing he is going to come to her. So to give support to her Tiya and Radhika stands beside her by holding her. Sagar moves towards Gehna and apologize to her by falling at her feet. Gehna runs from there. Radhika holds Anant’s hand. Kanak notices them.

Gehna enters her house and cries recalling the incident. She starts to do planting to divert her mind but she was keep remembering the past and feels frustrated and shocks hearing her father’s voice.

On the other side, Praful says Gehna’s father died while saving his life but he could not protect his daughter and cries. He says if it was about money he would have paid the debt but he is embarrassed after what Sagar did with Gehna. He says he would have died if anything happened to her today then. Anant tries to console him. Praful says she took care of everyone from the time she entered this house but what she got in return other than sorrow. He cries asking he is not understanding what to do. Anant recalls how his family mistreated Gehna and also how Gehna was keep doing all the household chores.

Gehna hallucinates her father and he cheers her and tells her to not cry. She feels better after talking to her father. Hema was keep taunting Gehna and says Sagar would not have done that. Hiral says Tanu never lies. Chetan says they caught Sagar with proof. Hema says here he is talking but he was silent when Anant was beating Sagar.

Pankaj says if Chetan interfered then Anant would have beat Chetan too. Kanak tells Hema to warn Sagar and he should not repeat his mistake in this house and says she even used her kids in this issue. Chetan also mocks Hema. Hiral says everyone giving so much importance to Gehna in this family unnecessarily. Anant introduces Radhika to his parents. He says Gehna does everything for this family so it’s their responsibility to do something for her. He asks Gehna’s hand for marriage. Everyone shocks hearing him especially Radhika.

Episode ends.

Precap – Radhika shows her possessive side to Anant.

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