Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 25th November 2020 Written Update: Anant tells Sagar to leave the house

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 25th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gehna runs towards Jamuna and hugs her. Anant draws a line using vermillion and tells his family to not cross it. He beats Sagar mercilessly saying they gave respect,love to him and let him stay in his sister’s in laws house when no one does that these days.

Hema tries to stop Anant but he doesn’t let her speak anything. She pleads everyone from her family to stop Anant. She tells Jamuna to do something otherwise her brother will die. Praful says today Sagar crossed and they can’t stop Anant. Hema cries saying everyone is silent. That time Radhika comes there and holds Anant’s hand to stop him.

Anant shocks seeing her there. Everyone else gets confused seeing her and wonders who is she. She tells him to stop it saying she never saw him this much angry. He asks how he reached here. Hema tells Anant that he did wrong by beating Sagar and asks what her brother did. Kanak thanks Radhika for stopping Anant and asks Sagar that what he did. Sagar thanks her for asking what he did. She says he deserves a chance to put his point.

Anant says he himself saw then what’s the need to ask him. Sagar says he saw Gehna going to Anant’s room and he followed her to see what she is doing there. He says he saw her stealing something from Anant’s room. Hema says when Sagar caught Gehna, she blamed him to save herself. Gehna tells Jamuna that she didn’t stole anything.

Sagar says every theif says this only and says Anant misunderstood him. Anant says Sagar lying and asks didn’t he hold Gehna’s hand. Sagar agrees that he hold her hand when she was stealing just to stop her and he didn’t had any other intention. Tiya asks why only Sagar speaking and no one asking to Gehna what happened. Jamuna tells Gehna to say what happened with her without any fear. Gehna cries badly. Sagar mocks her saying he should also cry so everyone agrees with him. Hema says she is using her tears to escape from her crime.

Gehna swears on God saying she didn’t stole anything. Praful says he knows that she is not theif and she can never steal anything. Hiral asks what Gehna was doing in Anant’s room when everyone was doing pooja. Gehna says Anant called her to his room. Anant says he didn’t called her. Sagar says now everyone get to know that Gehna is such a liar. Gehna says this is what Tanu told her. Tanu’s father goes to bring Tanu. Sagar recalls how he told Tanu to inform Gehna to reach Anant’s room.

Tanu comes there with her father. He asks who told her to inform Gehna to reach Anant’s room. She says Sagar told her and said Anant needs help for something so he called Gehna to his room. Kanak and Hema looks at Sagar.

Anant says truth came out now. Gehna says it’s not first time he tried to molest her. Hema recalls how she complained to her about Sagar. Radhika tells Anant to call the Police. Gehna tells him to not call Police because it will spoil Praful’s name only. Anant tells Sagar to leave the house. Hema decides to leave the house with his brother. She thought someone will stop her when no one did she said she is leaving the house with her kids.

Episode ends

Precap – Anant tells Praful that they has to something for Gehna.

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